Emergency pills

would like some pills that give decaying hp that lasts couple of mins

example(gives 20 hp that decays over 7 mins)

1 important rule is that taking any more pills in the first pill’s calm down or in its duration gives half the effect( would be awesome if it gives half the effect of the previous one meaning 20hp 10hp 5hp instead of 20hp 10hp 10hp but it would be hard to code).

sorry about my bad english

Basically, you’re looking for a hardon to your HP stack? Only for a couple of mins? A really, really small blue pill. Really? :slight_smile: Pain, too? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

sorry my English is very bad could u please say it in a simpler way

He means like a heal-over-time item instead of the instant heal of bandages and whatnot?

no its like a strong bandage that fades away if u do not use it

I understood you, viberator.

I think this addition is too unrealistic for the game’s liking.

i think vultures was talking about viagra just saying :stuck_out_tongue:

for any one who still did not understand what i mean and played left for dead it basically has the same idea as the pills there i used to play that game and thought it would be cool if we had those here

Ok, I understood, he wants something like this in-game:
That ‘medicine’ would heal 20 hp to each of those bodyparts but hp given by the pill would slowly decay back to original state. So, if you had 10 hp on torso, medicine rises it up to 30 and then some Zs beat you up leaving you for example with 15 hp on torso. Hp would start slowly decaying from 15 to negative 5. You survived but you are in need of medkits/bandages or you will die soon.

nah if it hits a negative value it should kill you.(10+20=30 health, but dmg is higher than 29=dead) anyway good concept though it can help in those nasty situation where your left with 10 ish hp and running for life but with a 20 Pseudo hp. (It should however not decay more than intended hp boost so if you got hit 20 dmg then decay stops or serious shit happens) and we can make it rare like 10-15 and comes in stacks of 1 to prevent abuse and possibly taking more than 2 pills in 6 hours = overdose death.

I was just joking, the ass… whatever guy is asking for super stimpacks, that heal and buff @ the same time.
Clearly, his issue lays in understanding the consequences of physical damage that occur on player’s ability to finish tasks.
I’ll explain it plain & simple.
Let’s say you’re wearing a Leather Jacket.
You do it because it has a high protection rating.
Also, it has some pockets for storage.
You want more storage, so you put a Backpack on.
You feel protected, but by pressing “@” on your keyboard, you see it has melee & dodge penalties
If you keep wearing more and more items, your actions will get even harder.
If you choose to play with medium encumberance (2 or 3), you’ll have to practice your skills more.

Same thing goes here:
If you’re hurt, your abilities suffer a bit.
If you don’t heal/cauterize wounds, the damage stacks(adds up) and then it hurts your abilities even more.
As you play, you’ll discover powerfull painkillers that will reduce Pain so it doesn’t bother your character.
Some of them kick in fast enough, others will keep the Pain away as long as it isn’t critical.
Drinking alcochol can help reducing the ammount of Pain by the damage sustained in combat.

Basically, you’ll need to wear protective items. There are many, and you’ll have to keep in mind body parts they cover. Difficult challenges will hurt your character, and you’ll have to carry bandages, first aid kits and some painkillers to keep up. Painkillers are chemicals you find in stacks of 10 and 20. Chemicals are divided in groups. You can find much info here and on this forum board.
Finally, if you want more efficient ways of healing and protecting yourself, you can look into CBMs. They are a way that this game has for futuristic improvements.

He is looking for a health buff.

Make pills that make bodily liquids become more viscous, making you tougher through liquid resistance.

[quote=“gtaguy, post:12, topic:1884”]He is looking for a health buff.

Make pills that make bodily liquids become more viscous, making you tougher through liquid resistance.[/quote]

So basically a magic pill that turns your white blood cells into a bunch of incredible hulks?