Luckiest moment or best choice you ever made in this game

I made this post so that everyone can share the best moments in this game whether funny or quirky.

When I discovered the ∞ momentum drive.

When I discovered the joys of meth and heroin.

Any time I succeed in installing enhanced memory module, or whatever it is called.

When I tried to cook my meat near raging inferno of a lab burning down… Ouch, death my last fiend.

it’s like auto-rage quits,

That time I started a fire in my heavily fortified mansion by missing the fireplace with a lighter and then remembered I prudently placed a fire extinguisher three tiles from the fireplace.

Also fire grenades in important loot piles.

When I found a Science Lab and a Science keycard for the first time, went in with a shopping cart, and filled it -entirely with purifiers and serums-.

Unfortunately, I was rping a southern belle character (custom profession I made on my home copy, including an encumbrance 5 poofy dress) whom wouldn’t use them if her life depended on it, so that vast, vast, vast amount of Wonderful Mutant Fun ™ is going to go to waste.

The most useful lucky moment was when I found a flashbang grenade like a minute before I encountered a T-Rex. It ate one of my followers, I threw a grenade at it, and raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

I was running away from a group of animals who randomly decided to gang up on me and I fell down a sinkhole in some swamp near my place. I thought it was the end but then I realized I was in some metro tunnels. I healed my wounds and started to explore the tunnels, looking for an exit. I found one relatively far from my place but in the same city.

I got out but the place was crawling with zombies so I found myself pretty much in the same situation all over again. :frowning:

When I played mutagen roulette, became a ursine, thought I could tank a turret, left my swat helmet upstairs in the cart.

You know when your sleeping and get the feeling your being watched?

I went to sleep in an LMOE shelter on a bed and was snoozing peacefully when an NPC walked up (one space away in the dark) and began chatting.

                                                             Freaked me out a bunch (And woke me up too! >().

Basing a character around archery. And then never doing it again because losing is fun.

Why not ?

make a car from some shoping carts

Second day, severe infection, no healing, surrounded by zombies… desperately start bashing them with a pipe, by the time I’m safe I’m also down to practically no health on torso and head.

Check the corpse of the last zombie killed, and there’s antibiotics. Talk about luck.

That character survived to be killed by a jabberwock.

I take the quest of the survivor in the shelter, my quest was kill the famous Jabberwock. Wen I see him, I remember that I don’t have ammo. I shit my pants an then, start running off. In the run, I find an dead corpse, that dead corpse got an lot of ammo.
I was criying of happines.
Then, the Jabberjock just start hurting me while I was reloading.
Aww shet, I gonna die… But no.
My torso and my head was, literally, destroyed, but I killed the Jabberwock with only two very lucky shots. In my search for first aid kits, I founded an pharmacy who got, literally, 15 bandages and 8 first aid kits.
Well, I think that is the most luckiest moment I ever had…

When I killed a jabberwock with nothin but a burning bush and a pocket knife.

did you set the bush on fire?

Of course.

Why not ?[/quote]

Archery makes the game too easy. Now, trying to punch your way through a horde of zombies? That’s not easy. But it is really fun, especially when you come out with all your limbs still attached.