PC is way too cold

Temperature is 0 Celsius (I debug-spawned a thermometer), I’m not wearing much but all my body parts have insanely low warmth values (-160 to -200) so even wearing a winter coat wouldn’t do much. This is day 3, so early spring, and frankly it seems absurd. I’m not using any mods, and my PC is located on the surface, during a sunny day.
I tried spawning a towel and using it, but the game tells me I’m already dry. I tried changing the weather with the debug menu, but nothing changes.

I’m using the latest experimental, 11378

Is your character you sick (common cold / flu) or tired/exhausted?

He is exhausted, and also recovering from an infection.

It makes sense that one would feel more cold in that situation, however these things should not be causing frostbites.

These are known issues, see:


Yup, it’s either one of those or both. Guess my only option is to debug away both the infection recovery and the tiredness.

You need to debug both. Recovery has tha same bonkers fatigue gain as the infection itself.