Kevin's TODO list

I’m not that interested in maintaining a separate mod, so moving forward I’ll be contributing directly to DDA*.

Here’s my current TODO list, feel free to chime in with comments about items**, suggestions for new ones, etc. My only request is that you limit yourself to comments about the items on the list, if you want to start a discussion, please take it elsewhere.

The list will frequently be out of date, in fact I think it’s out of date RIGHT NOW and I just can’t be arsed to fix it.

  • I’ll still be committing to my current repo and DW will be pulling to the DDA repo, but I’m not planning on doing releases unless there’s a particular need, like DW’s computer flaking out on him again.
    ** I frequently look at my TODO list and can’t decide what to do next, if you really want some feature or another, l;et me know here and it will likely influence what I do next.

  • Bugs
    ** DONE ghost vehicle
    ** DONE ‘f’ to fire an arrow, cancel firing, bow is “loaded”.
    ** DONE interacting with fields while in a vehicle
    ** TODO no nearby NPC
    ** TODO pump gas until full
    ** TODO monsters warp through walls to follow you down stairs
    ** TODO vehicle interaction with fields
    ** TODO vehicle speed display not affected by difficult terrain
    ** TODO deal with interacting with triffid growth ability while in a vehicle.
    ** TODO Rope doesn’t work to climb out of trapdoor spider lairs
    *** check other traps, sinkholes?
    ** DONE fix meat stacking (allow it if ages are close enough, set to average)
    ** TODO fix cooking rotten meat

  • Features
    ** lighting
    *** TODO flare grenades (40mm)
    *** TODO flares
    *** TODO flare guns
    *** TODO torches
    *** TODO lantern (flashlight you can put on ground)
    *** TODO glowsticks
    *** TODO make light-amp goggles “white out” around bright lights.
    *** TODO make light-amp goggles “white out” completely if player is exposed to bright light.
    ** Attacks
    *** gun select-fire
    **** DONE select-fire key/UI
    **** DONE M203 working properly
    **** DONE make enhanced gunmods that have full gun stats
    **** TODO snap shot
    **** TODO aimed shot
    *** rework automatic fire
    **** TODO skill-based round wastage
    **** TODO short bursts
    **** TODO X-round burst
    *** gun unreliability
    **** TODO add chance for misfires (uses ammo, doesn’t fire)
    **** TODO add chance for jam (fires, but jammed afterward, ‘r’ to clear jam)
    ** vehicles
    *** bicycle
    **** TODO relate thrust to player str
    *** improve vehicles sinking in water
    **** TODO do something with momentum
    **** TODO check for “too many wheels in deep water” rather than just the center tile
    ** items
    *** decoys
    **** TODO shi-doshi
    **** TODO noisemaking robot
    *** luggage
    **** TODO Assign items to large containers for fast drop/pickup
    ***** TODO make dropping worn items take time
    **** TODO restrict extremely large items from fitting in normal inventory (mostly rifles)
    ***** TODO add strap to make rifles wearable
    **** TODO rolling luggage (is a container item, when activated it follows you around but makes you slow)
    ***** TODO actual luggage
    ***** TODO little red wagon
    ***** TODO sled (craftable)
    ****** lumber + nails + rope
    ****** add little wheels to turn into wagon?
    *** concertina wire
    **** TODO Fence type, more damaging/slowing than barbed wire, but uses much more wire
    **** TODO “barbed concertina spool” trap item that deploys quickly
    **** TODO weld barbed wire to vehicle
    *** Toolbox aggregating all the basic tools
    **** add item
    **** add crafting recipe
    **** add TO other crafting recipes
    *** TODO fire arrows
    ** vision imporovements
    *** TODO Show nearby features on compass display or map
    *** TODO show nearby items
    *** DONE peek command, move LOS origin tile by 1 square
    **** TODO mirror to make action faster
    **** TODO draw ‘@’ in correct location.
    *** TODO degrade quality of vision at long range
    **** TODO Make nearsighted “simplify” vision outside given range (one glyph for walls, one for items, one for monsters/NPCs)
    ** terrain
    *** make furniture into moveable items that can be 'a’pplied to barricade doors/windows
    **** DONE nevermind, implemented with construction menu instead
    **** TODO add str checks based on furniture size
    **** TODO see about moving beds
    **** DONE add feature to baricade nearby doors when furniture moved in front of them
    ***** TODO differing amounts of reinforcement depending on furniture type
    ***** TODO allow presence of player to reinforce door as well
    ****** TODO based on strength?
    *** TODO Spawn human corpses frequently
    *** TODO spawn wrecked cars commonly
    ** monster spawns
    *** TODO persistent monsters
    *** TODO roving zombies
    **** tracked on current overmap
    ** add hotkeys to construction/crafting/etc menus
    *** DONE added to construction menu
    *** TODO add to crafting menu(s)
    ** monster AI
    *** TODO make smarter monsters path around traps
    *** TODO make a hibernation mode for some monsters so they can be a threat without being active
    ** DONE spare magazine gun mod
    ** DONE add t_ashes terrain type for scorched earth (just cosmetic?) - (Added in mainline for burned wooden terrains)
    ** TODO make wet condition reduce scent strength
    ** TODO vanilla zombie mode
    ** TODO Blinding sting attack for triffids.
    ** DONE drops of small numbers of nails when destroying terrain
    ** TODO caltrop trap, made from nails and hammer?
    ** Make flamethrower not suck
    *** DONE make flamethrower hit cause a flame explosion and some direct damage
    *** TODO add napalm recipe for longer-ranged and higher damage flamethrower fuel
    ** buildings
    *** TODO Dojo in the wilderness guaranteed to have a martial arts master
    ** TODO make being on fire light terrain and nearby items on fire

Make a bicycle. Now all I must do is gather 50 pedal engines and power my fortress on wheels.
I already have the 50 NPCs. Don’t ask.

Bicycle coming to a DDA mod near you. Actually that was the first thing I modded into cataclysm, and it somehow got lost in the shuffle and never got merged into the darklingwolf’s mod. I just finished merging it, so the next time DarklingWolf pulls from my repo it’ll be in.

Is the lighting mod in DWs version? If so then try and get some flares/lights in. I want my post-apocalyptic rave.

It is although there is no ‘quick fix’ way to add coloured lights, currently it only records ‘brightness’.

Nice to see you around here Shades, your lighting system is a pretty amazing feature.

Happy I can add to the ongoing game :slight_smile:
It really needs looking at for some of the slower aspects though, are we still trying to keep within Whale’s memory usage limits or can we abuse caches some more, and maybe multi-threading…

I’m not opposed to a feature eating a bit more memory if it works out nicely. It’s the sort of thing I’d like to be made optional though, so people playing on like, abacuses, can just disable the beefier things.

Optional additions? More memory/CPU nomming? Yes please, game needs to be assigned more processing power and memory. So we can add in more stuff.

Edit: Also I don’t care if the light is colored, baby steps.

For me, I feel the absolutely most important items on the list are the bug fixes/balance issues/making features work how they should. There’s already tons of content in Cataclysm and the only thing that puts me off extended play is the buggyness of it. I don’t mean this necessarily in the ‘broken’ category of buggyness, more just in the ‘incomplete’ features.

A few items within that category which I’d most like to see:
** TODO no nearby NPC/NPC’s in general
** TODO monsters warp through walls to follow you down stairs
*** TODO Show nearby features on compass display or map
*** TODO show nearby items
*** make furniture into moveable items that can be 'a’pplied to barricade doors/windows

Also, as far as Vanilla Zombie mode goes, the CSZ mod seems to be pushing a long way in that direction. Perhaps it might be time to integrate those changes into a DDA (in a separate mode) before CSZ becomes too different? My only other tthought is that they could be bundled together somehow?

I accidentally stumbled across what I think is the source of the monsters warping through walls issue, so I might look into that soon.

A new contributor, OzoneH3 has implemented the nearby items thing! It’s everything I hoped for and more, this is a really killer feature!
On the other hand, since I’m a jerk I turned the intended behavior of containers back on, in that you can’t see the contents of a dresser or refrigerator without 'e’xamining them.

Furniture does in fact barricade doors, (in the current release even), just push furniture in position in front of a door and zombies have a harder time bashing it down.

I’m merging features from CSZ into DDA as they mature, but there’s no way to pull the removal of “weird” monsters, since it’s not an option, just removed from the code. I’m still interested in making that configurable, but as you can see there are a lot of other things vying for my attention :wink:

Do the in game instructions get updated when new features are implemented? Things like comparing, dropping a specific number of items, barricading doors… because otherwise, unless someone tells you, there is no way to know they are there.

ummm. yea we’ve been really bad about that, I’m going to file an issue to remind myself to make sure that happens before the next release, you might want to write something up to explain some aspects of the temperature system, though that one people will interact with whether they want to or not :slight_smile:

Just posted an issue, we can add specific examples as comments I guess?

Rather track them individually so they can be closed separately as they get addressed.
Do heavy-duty bug-tracking at work, generic issues are bad news.

I literally didn’t realise how awesome using furniture to barricade doors with is - It’s like the ultimate zombie fantasy.
I know we’ve all mentioned this countless times before, but a (fake/hacked in) upstairs is top of my list for new feature requests. pleasepleaseplease.

[quote=“Binky, post:16, topic:59”]I literally didn’t realise how awesome using furniture to barricade doors with is - It’s like the ultimate zombie fantasy.
I know we’ve all mentioned this countless times before, but a (fake/hacked in) upstairs is top of my list for new feature requests. pleasepleaseplease.[/quote]

I actually did some experimenting with this.

Upstairs are possible, its just it requires redoing every single type of map tile, so its a lot of grunt work too. I might test it with a single building first to see what happens.

You can do it without redoing map tiles too, my problem was that hostiles with ranged attacks could shoot be from areas I couldn’t see into because I was only displaying the level the player was on. Didn’t find a nice way of dealing with people higher up.

If we go into multi levels you might have to have a dwarf fortress type view possibility. + to go up a level, - to go down. Be able to see stuff at a lower level as faded.

Multiple levels of fade is tricky with ncurses, although if all we want to show is that it’s lower and not how much that is fine. But my main concern with that mode is that you would have to be checking each step or you’d miss the hostile moving to an open window high up and taking aim, until it was too late. Then again maybe that is okay too.

If we could show an alert similar to how we do sound now that might work, at least prompting the player to check up and down the levels.