0.Danny is 0.Done

The Danny release is characterized by MORE. More UI polish, more features, more content, more long-asked-for changes. It’s the longest-lived and largest in every way release we’ve ever done, and we hope to never do it again. Future releases are planned for roughly 6-month intervals. This release is made up of 37,604 commits authored by over 700 contributors, and it roughly doubled the number of everything in the game, items, monsters, map buildings, you name it, we doubled it.

It’s honestly way too huge to summarize in any meaningful way, but here are the absolute biggest changes, and you’ll just have to dig into the changelog or the game itself for more detail.

  • Many quality of life enhancements such as auto-pulp, autopickup, batch actions, interacting with adjacent items and improved long-action handling.
  • Pixel minimap for tiles mode.
  • Guns accept magazines when appropriate.
  • Player stamina stat that is burned by running and other physical exertion.
  • Player faction base that allows incremental growth and autonomous work by NPCs.
  • The player remembers terrain and furniture they have seen.
  • Carrying racks for small vehicles.
  • Vehicle system (speed, fuel consumption, terrain effects) overhaul.
  • Overhauled nutrition, food spoilage and food state changes (freezing).
  • Overhauled bomb fragment handling.
  • NPC dialogue support, group commands, tactical instructions and backstories.
  • Dynamic Lighting.
  • Roughly DOUBLED the amount of in-game content.
  • Unheard-of levels of bugfixing.
  • Full translations for Chinese, German, Japanese, Polish and Russian.

Head to the release page for the downloads.

Check out the full changelog, if you dare…


Power transmission between vehicles.
Books need to be read to know what they contain.
Extend Stamina burn.
Explosions can create craters.
Zombies push each other.
Overhauled shadowcasting to also provide dynamic lighting.
Gun mods can be built-in to the gun and irremovable.
Gun mods extended to draw power from UPS.
Player can set zone instructing friendly NPCs to avoid picking up items.
Unsupported items/fields/monsters/etc fall to lower z-levels.
Mods can override overmap specials.
Display hints about health upon waking.
Experimental 3D vision and interaction between levels.
NPC interactions: Carrying gear, healing with items, re-layering clothes.
Hordes re-absorb monsters, this allows them to return to moving after spawning.
Hordes can wander toward cities to keep them populated.
Added a pixel-detail minimap option to tiles mode.
Added the ability to use cutting tools or markers for labeling items.
Add talk tags support to signage.
Allow many actions targeting adjacent tiles. Reading, storing liquids, unloading containers.
Allows certain claw-based mutations to count as having a butchering quality.
Adds an item flag for certain clothing that allows making mutation natural attacks without said clothing getting in the way.
Start with book recipes of selected skills on char gen.
Allow gathering wool staples from sheep.
Allow vehicles to pivot around arbitrary points.
Added debug Overmap Editor.
Add steerable wheels.
Reload using magazines.
Mix liquids into a container instead of a CONTAIN tool.
Repair items as a long action.
iuse actor heal for jsonized healing items.
Craft in the dark when it makes sense.
Allow using Enhanced Hearing CBM to crack safes.
Giving NPCs mutagens, meds, food etc.
Mass uncraft.
Add coal mining.
Implement minimum stat and skill requirements for items.
Add ability to cut metal bars on windows with hacksaw.
Allow wielding bows with one hand.
Alternative starting point systems.
Vehicles can spawn items with magazines and ammo.
Stumbling and following improvements.
NPCs reloading mags.
Apply persistent morale.
Allow autolearn at different level than crafting difficulty.
Alcohol mixing for storage.
Bring back NPC hunger and thirst.
NPCs pulping corpses.
Allow wearing clothing with OVERSIZE flag with footwear.
Allow attacking ground to prevent overshooting.
Allow bringing NPCs up/down z-levels in 2D mode.
Zombie corpses transforming due to burns.
Really nasty barfing.
Overmap scent traces.
Allow mending of faults for already installed parts.
Vehicle part armor (damage resistance)
Firing modes including NPC support.
Automatically add starting components to the start vehicle construction.
Mop up liquids in vehicles.
Make NPCs better with (player’s) meds.
NPC command: close doors you walk through.
Melee autoattack feature.
Allow UPS charger to work with partial charge.
NPC vs NPC combat.
NPC guard/follow update.
Add details to message displayed when loading world.
Fancy hairpin can now be used as lockpick.
NPC trading/exchange update.
NPCs helping with crafting, providing recipes.
Turrets can drop casings to CARGO part.
Regional weather settings.
Train relevant skills when installing/removing vehicle parts.
Track items with no covered body parts (morale).
Store any liquid in vehicle tanks.
Scale repair times with damage.
Ammo can be multiple types.
Spawn bones when creatures made of bone are gibbed.
Added automatic prying when [e]xamining on a locked door/window.
Implement NPCs picking plants.
Assign NPC’s as vehicle crew members.
Teleporation to adjacent overmaps.
NPCs swap (or take off) their splints properly.
Allow crafting with sealed container contents.
More “resilient” overmap generation.
Allow nesting crafting lists.
Add in Scratch Attack for (mostly) Zeds.
Adds seasonal variation to daylight levels.
Implements deconstruction without tools.
Contained fires will burn through all its items continuously.
Gunmods contribute “ammo_effects” to the main weapon.
Change crossbow firing skills to match related firearms.
Moddable Milking Monsters.
Option to yell sentences.
Removed ability to pry open closed non-locked doors.
Allow resolutions up to 8K UHD (7680×4320).
Search the overmap around the cursor.
Always save the latest created character as a template “Last Character”.
Give players back the ability to hear soft sounds from their own tile.
Allow character generation menu to scale to screen size.
Allow martial arts to force “offhand” unarmed strikes (kicks etc.) when wielding weapons.
Ability to fully enhance an item.
Option to auto pulp or butcher corpses.
Make all long activities abortable.
Draw power directly from UPS with UPS mod.
Add stimulant/painkiller overdose symptoms.
Loot sorting activity.
Add trait groups.
Added possibility to cut rebar cages with hacksaw or oxytorch.
Make smoke decay outside of the reality bubble.
Implement deployable furniture items.
Allow shelter NPC to provide tips.
Morale craft speed penalty.
Fully random Play Now!
Added vitamin tracking and vitamin-related disorders.
Allow resuming light-canceled jobs.
Washboard Batch Washing.
New characters: Start with loaded/holstered guns and sheathed blades.
Removed restriction to blood draw kit so centrifuge can work with any container with blood.
Update washing machine to be able to use clean water.
Add the ability to soak rags and cotton balls on disinfectant.
Autoattack: Wait a turn if there is nothing in range.
Changed CBM install and uninstall to require an Autodoc or a NPC doctor.
Added control over amount of houses with basements, and basements can have individual weights.
Adds option to disable music and sound.
Underground temperatures relatively constant and independent from weather patterns.
Nearby hordes appear on minimap.
Moves social modifiers of mutations to JSON.
Rates of hunger, thirst, fatigue, and learning moved to JSON, healing mutations use relative values instead of absolute.
Added pet and livestock carriers so animals can ride in vehicles.
Adds shelf life to many foods, previously canned or vacuum packed food has shelf life when opened.
Include/Exclude filter for overmap search.
Carrion can now eat adjacent crops or food.
Allow place_monster to optionally place a randomized monster using a weighted list.
Adds firewood source that automatically adds fuel to fire when it is 2/3s consumed.
Make chickens and other small domestic birds tamable (Chickenfeed)
Vehicles: Open all doors.
Implement player faction base.
Artifact dreams.
Horde improvements: Better displays & zombie lurkers.
Schizophrenic Overhaul.
Option to spawn starting npc.
Field dressing corpses aka Butchery overhaul.
Smoking rack interactions expansion.
Freezer & freeze mechanics overhaul.
Add reminder effects for some medicine.
Added infrastructure for setting a farm plot zone and triggering actions across the entire zone.
Hot air and direct heat radiation from fires affect local temperature and can heat nearby area including interiors.
Add support for solid fuels like coal for vehicle engines.
Zone manager hides distant zones, shortcut for showing all zones.
New lua feature: Lua-coded monster attack.
Copy World Settings to a new world.
New MOD feature: Add graphical tiles.
Introduces ‘Tip of the day’ in main menu.
Save pooltype and remaining skill-, trait- and statpoints in character template.
Item infos for medication. (Quench, Fun, Stimulation, Portions, Addicting)
Added map memory.
Added a button to hide recipes in the crafting menu.
Adds loadable bike racks.
Allow hauling items along the ground.
Added auto foraging of bushes and trees.
Added autopickup rules based on material types.
Artifacts can consume Portals.
Update the fireman belt to allow attachments from fire axes, war hammers, and maces.
Adds stealth modifier as JSON-ized mutation property.
Npctalk: add support for NPC backstories.
Npctalk: NPC group commands to guard and follow.
NPCs can hear monsters and warn the player about them.
NPC: Warn the player about dangerous monsters.
Background traits - framework for dialogue update.
Adds expertise traits for NPCs.
Faction camp clearcutting mission.
Allow aiming anywhere. Mark practice target.
Vehicles: add multiple fuel support.
Add blind throwing.
Overhaul of map revealing items.
Allow peeking z levels.
Allow custom sprites for corpses.
Makes monster corpses the same weight and volume as defined in the json files.
Favorite ammo location for RELOAD_AND_SHOOT and RELOAD_ONE weapons.
Vehicles: increase effective speed in tiles per turn.
Adds a corpse to gibbed creatures.
Selfies can be made and stored on camera.
NPC photos show visible mutations.
Enable Loot Zones to bind to vehicle Cargo parts.
Add support for amphibious vehicles.
Adds Zone Activity to harvest plots.
Specific guns can be targetted in json gunmods.
Add a debug option to spawn map extras.
Adds a context menu when examining seed drill and advanced seed drill: reload them with seeds.
Adds a Morale boosting chitchat with friendly NPCs as an activity.
Update bone mending machine to use mend mechanics instead of magic stemcell treatment.
Add new pet menu option for survivor to play with certain tamed pets to increase morale.
Improve traction handling and add new wheel types.
Shout commands for NPC wake-up and relax.
Food recipe results’ calories and vitamins now based on components.
Adds skinning butchery action.
Forests now partially block wind turbines output.
Enabled snowstorms - wet and glare effects for snow.
Made wind effects directional, including adding a lee side to structures.
Added gunmods that wear out over time or quickly.
Adds ranged attack mutations (using fake guns).


Lots of improvised tools (stone hand tools, forge, cooking furniture, clay and pottery).
Extensive wilderness foraging.
Super secret underground facility.
Gunmod crafting recipes.
More zombies: Elite grenadiers, Runners, Ferals, Predators, Shady Zombies, Screecher Zombies.
Still more: many child zombie variants, Zombie Brutes, Water Biter, Scorched Children.
Yet more: Fungal Zombie Child, Gigantic Naked Mole Rats, Acid Ants, Zombie Burner.
Monster grab and pull attacks.
Ranch and Ranch-related missions.
Faction Camp and related infrastructure.
Large additions to Lab variety and consistency.
Vehicle based tools, street sweepers, tractors, plows, planters.
Farm vehicles and tool attachments. Plow, reaper, seed drill.
Seasonal variation in foliage.
Expanded tree variety.
Allow city-less mapgen.
Many preserved food recipes.
Two new variants of the military bunker basement.
Items can have a side (left v right).
Add a larger generator part and portable generator vehicle.
More railroad terrain variants, made diagonal tracks subway railroads 7 tiles wide.
Implement surrounded start.
Professions: Hunters, Bandit, Bionic Survivalist, Parkour Practitioner, Burglar, Camper, Road Warrior, Boxer, Photojournalist, Tourist, Zookeeper.
New mapgen: The Red Dragon Teashop, Football Field.
Double the number of survivor’s notes.
Add “calories” field to it_comest.
Terrain connections for groups other than WALL.
Hands free mechanics.
Update Evac Center.
Implements integral_volume for gun mods.
Veterinarian Clinic.
Implement disintegrating ammo linkages.
NPC trade update.
Creation of 5 new overmap special campsites.
3 new roadside rest stops.
Add magazine coloring, improve ammo/gun coloring.
Prison Break Scenario.
Funeral home.
Razorclaws and Shipwreck.
Add alternative triffid groves.
Add 2x2 cemetery.
Adds small Ponds.
Adds Apple Orchard to the game.
New characters: Start with loaded/holstered guns and sheathed blades.
Add ability to steal items from NPC.
Sugar House mapgen.
Add ‘Reach Refugee Center’ mission.
Add detergent and allow it to be used in washboard.
Dairy farm.
Micro Atomic Plant for Bright Nights mod.
Parks and recreation buildings.
Add butcher shop.
Mansion Upgrade Project.
Initial work on multi-story houses.
Make chainmail craftable from scratch.
Add bike shop.
Add MShockXotto+ tileset
Add descriptions to furniture objects.
Small town buildings.
Added Cable Charger Bionic.
Mainlined vehicle rams from Blazemod.
Add ammo pouches for fast access to ammunition.
Hallucination monsters are now described in extended description.
New monster ability ‘ABSORBS_SPLITS’.
Pallet lifter for fast battery swapping.
Add Speedloaders.
Remove Solar Panels CBM.
Software Lights on!
Added can sealer and related recipes for better food preservation.
Separated dashboard (electronics controls) from steering.
Acidic Ant Expansion - Acidic Chitin Item & Equipment.
Add engine blocks and engine deconstruction recipes.
Butchering yields for fungal towers and other structures.
New basement variant, with and without hidden autodoc.
Disposable filters for filter, gas, PBA, and survivor masks, as well as filters for hazmat and ANBC suits.
Adds new narcosis effect that Characters cannot be prematurely woken from.
Replaces heavy sticks with long sticks in many recipes.
50% chance of partial lighting in labs.
Recipes to extract seeds from some fruits and vegetables.
Additional doctor’s office variant, a private bionics clinic.
Raw hides can be turned into simple bags to transport remains of creatures.
Adds variability in decay of food created before cataclysm.
Add Trencher (Construction vehicle).
Vehicle mounted pet carriers.
Discordant Mi-go Memes.
Add Cosmic’s Additional Locations to the game.
Root Cellar - food preserving option.
Cosmic’s Golf Course.
More Dog Breeds - Now With Puppies Edition.
Add Whaley’s Locations.
New mutation category: Mouse :mouse2:
Injectable mutagen finales, targetable purifier smart shots.
Overhauling tank drone.
Add refugee center start (costs 1 point).
Adds vehicle wreckages (of crashed helicopters) to helicopter crash-sites.
Adds ant-infested labs.
Adds the incandescent husk, an evolution of the shocker zombie that moves slowly and emits a lightning cloud
Removed CBM crafting.
Adds new location ‘Mass Grave’.
Added extensive new lab-based scenarios, areas and monsters.
Added camping scenario and additional camp related start_locations.
Adds the Intravenous Needletip and Titanium Skeletal Bracing CBMs.
Adding new starting scenario at refugee center.
The Fish mutation tree now has unique, post-threshold mutations.
Labs can have funagloid portals, lab escape allows crowbar.
Many options for using miscelaneous items as improvised tools.
Perception stat now determines overmap visibility, and the Topographagnosia trait is now available.
Added railroad station overmap special.
Re-implements old start location options to the Challenge-Lab scenario.
Implementation to support use of JSON snippets for procedural music descriptions.
Adds LivePeople Tileset.
Add forest trails.
Add new pond map extra.
Added railroad overmap terrains.
Add new offal recipes in the game using the new offal types.
Adds sourdough bread and sourdough starter.
Add trail guide item.
Adds a way to craft anesthetic kits in the game.
Explosion of NPC dialogue.
NPC Dialogue: role-specific survivor stories.
Adds formaldehyde and methanol as precursors for hexamine, and recipes to make them.
Adds shanty-town walls comprised of bolted-together junk.
Adds extra recipe for nitric acid, which requires a pressure cooker and a platinum grille as a catalyst.
Adds lab nanofabricator finale, letting players create high tech items.’
Update RetroDaysTileset to include RetroDaysJar, AdamRetroDays, long grass
Mainline NPC traits mod.
Added outbuildings to default farm.
Regularize city grid and allow large in-city specials.
Adds area_name into info box when looking_around.
Adds gunmods that add slots for more gunmods.
Adds four new NPC backstories available to all NPCs.
Added Electroreceptors as a starting mutation to the Challenge-Lab scenario.
Adds medicine to help nausea.
Added new Martial Art: Sōjutsu.
Upgrades the outer walls of the refugee center and fills the waiting area with beggars.
Allow multiple inputs for rifle portion of rifle turret.
Adds new vehicle part : a wind turbine.
Adds Free Merchant currency.
Adds methanol and ether as a possible Molotov components.
Add “classic literature” and “collector’s edition” books, move choice book spawns to library, and adjust library/mansion book spawns overall.
Adds the possiblitiy to find an evil moose in the kitten finding game.
Adds new furniture flag that restricts vision when in the furniture.


More changelog since I overran the posting character limit…


Bionics menu tabbed for better visibility.
Streamlined reload menu.
Bundled a square font.
Separate zombies better by color.
Many menus are resizeable.
“Isometric” tileset mode.
Search feature added to many menus.
Lots of dialogs allow use or consumption of items from immediate surroundings as well as inventory.
Enhancements to AIM.
Improved explosion animation.
Ambient sound effects.
Added vehicle direction indicator in tiles mode.
Prevented spam about player being tired.
Removed inability for vehicles to drive over fungal beds.
Fixed a number of issues around monster spawning: Wraith, ants spawning in sight of player, animals spawning underground.
Enhanced medical menu.
Recolored trees and bushes to be more recognizable.
Added travel-to command.
Hide options if they aren’t present in the build.
Tile scaling in tiles mode.
Cancel out of crafting menu during component selection.
Move times displayed adjusted to be cumulative instead of “most recent cost”.
Added pixel minimap in SDL builds.
Highlight useful information in item info text.
Split mod exclusion category into item and monster exclusion.
Added handling for home and end key.
Added dynamic loading of crafting gui categories.
Sort by name in inventory instead of id.
Add quit action to new character window.
Extend blackspace window to cover minimap instead of using map legend window.
Allow canceling crafting from component/tool selection menus.
Updated MShock Modded Tileset.
Scrollable item info text in crafting menu.
Added Y/N query to attacking friendly NPCs.
Remove pageUp/pageDown key bindings for next and previous tab.
Display item name in crafting component selection menu.
Hint when reloading would be possible if item not full to capacity.
Random alternate sprite graphics.
Option to disable item info highlighting. Color changes for readability.
Enable music shuffling.
Escapable menus.
Translatable velocity units.
New Isometric tileset, new 16x16 tileset.
Combine limbs on info and layering screens.
Define duplicate sprites for multiple tile ids.
Random sprites for player and NPCs.
Adds caching to the pixel minimap, enemy indicators flash red, apply low light filters.
Don’t rotate movement action in isometric when automoving.
Isometric controls in advanced inventory.
Isometric scrolling combat text.
Allow sprites to offset later sprites drawn on the same tile.
Larger/smaller and offset tile sprites.
Only draw tiles inside viewrange.
Pixeldoubling for tilesets.
Clear the minimap texture pool before SDL quits to prevent errors on game quit.
Fix display of Vehicle Indicator in tiles.
Targeting window improvements.
Add a draw refresh before asking direction on bionics: EMP, fingerpick, and mini-flamethrower.
Copy z coordinate to the light ray endpoint. (Fixes vehicle headlights underground.)
Fix border between terrain and status window covering part of the status window.
Display more information for magazines.
Use original message color in message history.
Implement viewing tiles on the floor below the current one when an open floor is shown for SDL tiles.
Make player-built walls look like walls in ASCII.
Fix seeing inside crates/rubble/etc.
Display remaining ammo for ammo containers.
Change display of stack sizes.
Escapable menu for examining NPCs.
Highlight magazine and ammo.
Vision and targeting changes, 3D-ification.
Display moves when disposing of items.
Escapable menu for sorting items in advanced inventory.
Prevent window minimize on fullscreen borderless when focus lost.
Rearange main rendering method to place curses cursor on @ at the end.
Add a cache refresh before drawing pixel minimap.
Add option to select which video display is used.
Add option to limit lifetime of sidebar messages.
Fix disappearing monster info.
In overmap, move cursor to the selected (center) square.
Redraw entire line of printed messages for screen readers.
Tileset feature: Mutation overlay ordering that can be configured in JSON.
Colorize message logs.
Unify tile descriptions in lookview and liveview (mouse view) modes.
Highlight only occupied bodypart.
Create nonexistent input contexts when adding keybindings.
Improve Morale dialog.
Redraw borders of Options menu after showing of Keybinding help.
Add local directional keybindings for pickup menu.
Allow light levels of visible tiles to be known from a distance.
Refresh AIM screen properly after escaping of SORT menu.
Don’t initially change the view offset when firing.
Display JACK/LIFT amounts in real-world units.
Implementation of UI for Bionics Slots System.
Show estimated disassembly time.
Improvements of the blood test window.
Clearer message when butchering on sealed terrain.
Rework inventory columns.
Window with bars will be frame with bars after hitting.
Add search function to all commands list.
Accurate, consistent ‘slow movement’ messages.
Mark some fields as dangerous; prompt for rough/sharp terrain.
Auto-select first removable part, if possible.
Vehicle turret reloading.
NPC pickup whitelist, allow vehicle access.
Improve vehicle interaction display.
Add more info to item displays.
CBM install failure mention which CBMs are lost.
Mark the shortest route to a refugee center on map.
Reworked settings menus. Ingame main menu.
Show available, not only memorized recipes in crafting gui.
In pickup UI, show identical items as stacks.
Context-dependent skills and more descriptive unmet requirements.
Vehicle part installation filter.
Vehicle tanks as refill targets.
Display engines (and faults) in vehicle overview.
Support selecting turret ammo.
Specify volumetric units via JSON.
Include disassembly time in the confirm message.
Option to skip frames when stunned.
User configurable volume units.
Fix recipe search to prevent exclusion of plural items.
Option to sort items by staleness, first ones to rot on top.
Make the crafting UI difficulty match what is used when crafting.
Make the repair time shown in the vehicle UI match the actual time taken.
Add a simple draw benchmark in the debug menu.
Adaptive (windowed or fullscreen) inventory menus.
Adds effect overlays.
Interactive inventory letter assignment.
Display ‘item (charges)’ for stackable items in crafting menu.
Approximate durations.
Allow scrolling in menus via mouse wheel.
Extends Close Quarters Battle CBM description.
Remove long-obsolete static spawn option, static is now the only option.
“Look at” with long descriptions (of critters, furniture etc.).
Harvestable plant description.
Sheath and holster contained volume description.
Add basic note support to constructions.
Enable customizing the 16 ANSI color slots.
Record NPC kills in kill count.
Add option to toggle framebuffer acceleration when using software rendering.
Talk to NPCs from the menu for examining them.
Added ability to save and restore default layout for advanced inventory.
In the crafting GUI, show which books provide this recipe.
Added point pool restriction option in world generation settings.
Added monster info in extended description.
Display actual nutrition acquired, rework rotten food penalties.
Vehicle UI: Highlight parts for removal in overview.
Color NPC/Player background cyan when grabbed.
Update default font values to prevent tiny overmap font usage on new game installations.
Add loading UI.
Extended techniques info.
Highlight searched components in crafting window.
Visual aid for broken limbs.
Added filter option to all inventory_ui menus.
Display component supply when crafting.
Convert braziers from traps to furniture.
Added sorting and categories to list monsters.
Disable scenarios that require a city start when city_size is 0.
Prompt when creating a character with the same name in a world.
Accessibility: Textual Vehicle Direction Indicator.
Rope, wire and barbed wire fences are now built and removed through the construction menu.
Horizontal emoticon style interface option.
Option for zones with no auto pickup to suppress seen items spam.
Add description to mountable locations.
NPCs will complain every 5 minutes if they’re bleeding.
Allow diagonal movement via keybinding modifiers in SDL builds.
Show time to complete as if there’s bright lighting if it’s too dark to craft.
Show crafting bonus in ‘New Character Creation’ menu.
Make items with a player-assigned inventory letter always come first in inventory.
Support searching for memorized/unmemorized recipes.
Inform player if they are capable of learning a recipe from disassembly.
Support for resizeable windows with adaptive UI.
Provides more information about the relative age and spoil progress of foods.
Adds extended descriptions, sorts and colors descriptions.
Add sub-menu for controlling multiple vehicle electronics.
Display vehicle part descriptions.
CBMs for NPCs: add BIONICs tab to player info window.
Martial arts techniques description.
Show activation and deactivation cost for all bionics that have them.
Ask to ignore repeating distractions when performing an activity.
Added filtering by skill to Read menu.
Add scrolling the overview pane in the vehicle interaction window.
Reduce clutter of [B]utcher UI by stacking identical salvage/disassemble targets.
Adds (mushy) suffix to mushy food and highlights impact on joy in ‘Eat’ menu.
Added feedback for contained fire’s expected time left, before it goes out.
Limb selection menu shows if limb is already bandaged or disinfected.
NPC follower warns on sleeping and sleep when you do.
Players can now save before sleeping and set an alarm at the same time.
“New Note” UI has been upgraded with colors and a live preview.
Migrate menu handling to uilist interface.
Added looks_like for targeted tile fallback.
Adds quality filtering to item search.
Android on-screen keyboard now automatically appears for menu filters, advanced inventory filter, inventory filter, and creating map notes.
Message window overhaul: filtering, page scrolling, and better interface.
Show related craftable items for current recipe by hotkey.
Adds descriptions for zone types.
Worn clothing placed into a sane layer by default.
Scrollable MOTD and Credits.
Allow viewing long mod descriptions.
Amount of mods of an item is now displayed as an integer following its name.
Android quick shortcut dimensions now account for screen density, defaulting to a sensible size on all devices.
Many options for selecting units to display.
Npctalk: create a big dialogue window.
Even when only capital inputs are allowed, using lowercase inputs should still set the dialog cursor.
Enhanced limb menu (body window) and textified healing related effects.
B menu show butcher, disassemble and salvage times.
Adds favorite recipes and recently crafted tabs to crafting menu.
Clarify crafting skills requirements text.
Gray out redundant tool quality requirements.
Show what will result from vehicle part removal.
Clearer crafting search help window.
Adds ‘toggle fast scroll’ option to overmap UI.
Adaptively stack perishables based on remaining time before rot.
Use more meaningful vehicle part names in messages.
Highlight ‘on’ toggle-able parts in vehicle use menus.
Highlight selected martial arts style in menu.
Crafting searches for primary skill and result description.
Tag clothes that do not fit, rather than clothes that do.
Prevent seeing light through walls.
Make walls sensibly visible at night.
Have vehicles become dark inside when that makes sense.
Allow toggling display of forest trails on the overmap.
Added ‘center’ action for look around mode.
Vehicle: display engine power and electrical drain/production.
Bandage/Disinfactant display/compare/apply improvements.
Allow hiding of recipe categories from crafting menu.
Player: don’t create the reload prompt if there’s only one option.
Better scrolling through requirements list in crafting GUI.
Improve info for worn items which cover nothing.
Show how much water and cleanser will be required on washing UI.
Basecamp: store food supply in calories.
Missions: display name of NPC that gave the mission.
Automatically choose infinite sources for crafting when available.
Play Now! loads a world with 0 character if available.
Crafting-gui - colorize book enumeration.
Veh_interact.cpp - colorize cargo volume.
Sounds: add descriptions to player shouts.
Allow installed bionics to be displayed in tiles mode.
Allow separate tiles for activated mutations/bionics.
Bionic power - equalize names and colorize values.
Don’t reveal wall connections the player should not know about.
Automatically calculate monster difficulty.
Player display: add support for hidden traits.
Player character will open closed fence gates when walking, will vault over the fence gate when running.
Allow multiple filters for crafting recipes in crafting menu.
Status includes approximate times for NPC needs.
Crafting GUI Filter saves history; possibility to move trough history with arrow keys.
Changes text color to match map note color.
Bind ‘?’ to open keybindings window by default.
Display scenario description after game start.
Alternative night vision intensity.
Added scaling option to resize screen elements in SDL mode for use on large screens.


Added Tanks Mod.
ChestHole tileset covering all entities.
Added double monster HP mod.
Mods dynamically enabled/disabled if they require lua and lua is present/absent.
Basic lua console.
Allow mods to override specific properties of monster types.
Added More Locations mod.
Removes redundant controls from inflatable boat.
Allow mods to change martial art styles / techniques / buffs.
Updated StatsFromSkills to use set_value & get_value for base stats.
Allow mods to modify professions.
Allow mods to modify scenarios.
Allow mods to modify starting location data.
Added Crazy cataclysm mod for all your immersion-breaking needs.
Add No_Zombie_Animals blacklist mod.
Add No_Diamond_Weapons blacklist.
Move health messages (on wakeup) to json.
Recreates DeoxyMod’s Foldable Mod.
Move filthy morale penalty to a mod.
Add no npc food mod.
Add more makeshift items mod.
Add More Classes and Scenarios mod.
Craftable Gun Pack mod revamp.
More snippet/flier entries for mods.
Support total conversion mods.
Remove Arcana and PK_rebalancing mods since they are maintained in separate repositories now.
Add huge vehicles mod.
Expanded Realistic Guns: bandolier update.
Magazines for Icecoon’s Arsenal.
Medieval Mod changes to viking and samurai.
Medieval Mod: Starting with sheathed weapons.
Added “BrightNights” - the sci-fi mod.
Standardizes bronze recipes in Medieval mod.
Fixes some unlearnable recipes in More Survival Tools.
Makeshift mod and bayonet update.
Battery compartment mod update.
National Guard Camp, a large and very dangerous military complex.
Brings DinoMod back online.
Atomic vehicles for Bright nights mod.
Added Urban Development Mod.
Extended Buildings mod.
Fix hp loss in StatsThroughSkills.
Add Bionic Systems Mod.
Added alternate map key mod.
Moved light and heavy snare kits to More Survival Tools mod.
Add “Mutant NPCs” mod.
Mundane Zombies Mod Revival.
Manual CBM installation moved to Bright Nights mod.
Allow adding contents to existing monster groups in JSON.
Safe autodoc mod, a dependency of Bright Nights.
Makes Crazy Cataclysm a little crazier.
Nested mapgen structures.
Added Fuji’s Struct mod.
Salvaged Robots mod.
Partially moved Folding Parts Mod to base game.
Convert Bright Nights region_settings to region_overlay.
Added anthill, bee, and large zombie exclusion mods.
MSX Dead People tileset update and make it default.
Adds new mod Growable pots.
Mainlined Tall Buildings mod.
Add urban development buildings to city spawns.
Salvaged Robots: More robot themed professions.
USABLE_FIRE tag makes terrain or furniture usable as a nearby fire for crafting.


Unify crafting and construction xp gain.
Removed flaming eye annihilation beam.
Overhauled encumbrance system for finer degrees of encumbrance.
Tuned up wilderness crafting a great deal.
Removed inventory overcapacity penalty, items are dropped instead.
Ensured that skills can be bootstrapped with practice.
Zombie stumbling is more pervasive and random.
Necromancer revive cooldown adjusted based on target toughness.
Adjusted frequency of sickness.
Variable draw costs for dedicated inventory containers (holsters).
Last amigara horror to die always drops an artifact.
Adjust the way monster upgrade times are calculated.
Replace no pickup feature with move penalty.
Added encumbrance to weapons worn with shoulder straps.
Added batch crafting times to various comestibles.
Made DEX prevent cuts from broken glass more often.
Make farming yield multiples of default charge of a plant item on gather.
Reduce XM-P plasma blast size.
City spacing option.
WBLOCK_2 usage changes.
Correct nutrition_for thresholds.
Change handling of recoil penalty.
Remove completely unrealistic energy weapon recipes.
Standardize ammo disassembly.
Rationalize ranged skill training.
Item handling is slower with increasing hand encumbrance.
Add minimum move cost when handling items.
Implements barrel_length variable in ranged.json.
Remove requirement for a vehicle tracking device.
Overburden rebalance.
Basic unit tests for reloading.
Rebalance item handling costs.
Bring bite inline with melee attack logic.
Allow gunmods to consume less (or no) volume when installed.
Nerf “magical” battery storage options.
Only consume_charges() for tools and comestibles.
Acid update - rebalance fields, acid zeds, add backgrounds for acid tiles.
Allow monsters to hit-and-run and poison other monsters.
Metabolism: hunger rate and body temperature.
Ally zombies and robots with arthropods.
Guns in gunstores spawn with magazines.
Buff corpse smashing, nerf butchery.
Overhaul Radiation balance, it’s now much more chronic in nature.
Set default for addiction_type in comestibles.
Reduce recoil penalty during burst fire.
Overhauled Adrenaline effect. Replaced speed and stat boost with temporary pain immunity.
Add inaccuracy penalty whilst driving.
Make rain drenching slower, harder to completely avoid.
Improve garage doors behavior.
Overhaul distillation and use of alcohols by widening the gap between drinkable and refined alcohol.
Expunge vermin.
Make crafting of brewed/fermented items more realistic and involved.
Turn toolbox into a truly versatile tool.
Ignore checks for zombies to pulp if the NPC is boarded.
Fungal Zombies can see.
Rebalance fear_paralaze to prevent infinite moves drain.
Fix hallucination not kicking in if duration is too high.
Redesign bionics lab room to fix computer successful hack.
Limit turret to its actual range.
Make missed ranged attacks miss more realistically.
Adds lifting capacity to Cantilevers description.
Add “makeshift_kevlar” to recipes that include the kevlar vests.
Bleeding also causes anaemia.
Change chisel requirement to CHISEL quality requirement.
Remove memorization of recipes from reading books.
Nerf Sensory Dulling.
More realistic diesel recipe.
Evened out addiction withdrawal but made it longer.
Rework firestarter and extended firestarter.
Fix 145 items spawning in a house
Standardize handloading recipes.
Derive vehicle part hp from base item.
Adjust multi-pool defaults.
Fungus and aberration monsters now also drop filthy clothes.
Adds few missing cancels mutations.
Updated the plant mutations to give some encumbrance that makes sense.
Allow Steel Jerrycans to be used as vehicle tanks.
Forklift gets lifting and jack capabilities. Half of the boom crane.
Medium storage battery 700 -> 7000
Allow camera(_pro) for security camera crafting.
Grant Medium-sized robots avoid_trap 1.
Make clearing rubble an activity.
Telescopic Eyes prevents visual impairment from traits.
Make meditating an activity.
Make NPCs escape onto tiles with weaker fields.
Nerfed rate at which penalties from pain accumulate.
Added “MOUNTABLE”, to small and medium boulders.
Smoked/salted meat changes, offal preservation.
Add pathfinding for selected monsters.
Rebalance blackpowder loads, expand recipe options.
Correct the spread of missed ranged attacks.
Added PARTIAL_DEAF to powered armor.
Add night vision from perception, fix flashlight exploit.
Cap JACK requirements increased to 8000kg in constants.h.
Buff regen mutations, nerf regen due to health stat.
Add recoil for being hit, makes melee more dangerous for ranged characters.
Swappable storage battery installed/removed to/from vehicle with no skill, in little time.
Decrease the number of military bunkers.
Melee damage while wearing filthy clothing may result in infection.
Make Vending Machines harder to break into.
Add power armor helmets to match existing spawns of power armor.
Heal broken limbs gradually, not all at once.
Increase to horde interest with sound source.
Time needed to wash an item now depends on its volume.
Make target size affect ranged accuracy.
Forbid evac center mission route from having non-road tiles.
Remove construction skill.
Craft one round at a time for handloaded ammunition.
Give zapback zombies weak electric melee.
Remove requirement for large power reserve just to turn on a part.
Bash shouldn’t give better items than deconstruct now.
Stops roadblocks from spawning live zeds.
Remove gasoline and diesel from explosive recipes.
Restore sum of errors based dispersion.
Newly recruited NPC engage close enemies only.
Nerf to tree yield.
Disallow batteries with a weight over 20000 from tool battery mod.
Reduce noise from other z-levels.
Make metabolic mutations more interesting.
“No one is immune to fire”
Fix some tools recipes to match output item volume.
Add some variability to vehicle battery levels & tire destruction.
Chopping trees rework.
Drilling long action.
Replace chop logs construction with long action.
Glazing and waterproofing requirements.
Added rebar cage spawns to basic concrete wall and removed rebar drops.
Changed formula for character strength required to install something in a vehicle.
Don’t retarget after killing selected target in a burst.
NPCs capable of getting away from live/armed explosives.
Remove mutation side effect from unsuccessful bionics installation.
Allow giving ranged weapons non-piercing damage, modify corrosive zed.
Add new “CLIMB_SIMPLE” flag.
Kill 100 Zombies quest now require killing 100 monsters from a ZOMBIE species, and not only ordinary mon_zombie.
Ranged weapon rebalance.
Applied new FRAGILE_MELEE flag to a number of improvised weapons.
Zombies cannot bite without grabbing.
Skeleton armor increased by 50%, skeletons slower and harder to shoot. Adds Skeletal Juggernaut.
Replace instant healing with slow healing effects.
More Complete and Rebalanced Vitamins.
Antibiotic overhaul - slow-acting antibiotics, and adds Atreyupan, a weak antibiotic.
Changes some Autodoc messages and makes it usable without anesthesia by Deadened mutants or Sensory Dulling cyborgs.
Balance rusting of iron items (essentially eliminate it unless the item is left soaking in water for a long time).
Overhaul fragmentation explosives to project a deadly field of fragments instead of a few random ones.
Make ice labs ~10% of all labs, not 50%. Ensure 1+ lab per overmap.
Make portals unavoidably teleport you.
Removed ability of losing existing CBMs due installation fails.
Vary horde speed based on monsters in horde.
Obsolete impossible gunmods.
Create LOUDMOVES flag, add to secubots.
Lumber no longer made from / substitute for long stick.
Fix OP throwing.
Perception stat now determines overmap visibility, and the Topographagnosia trait is now available.
Added FILTHY tag, monsters with the tag now drop dirty clothing.
Portable sleeping bags.
Removes the vac_sealer requirement from sealed glass jar recipes, adds canning pot, updates recipes.
Allow crafting a fur rollmat with tanned pelts.
Wearing clothing out of natural layer order now imposes additional encumbrance.
Added deconstruct recipe for vehicle controls, reduced component requirements for crafting controls.
Adjusted weights of mammals from the category defaults to averages of real values.
Let one screwdriver recipes produce screwdriver set.
Flowers won’t collide with vehicles no more.
Increase HP of paper-thin palisades.
Many animals such as coyotes and dogs are now less aggressive across the board.
Allow fishing in fishable non-river locations.
Nerf pneumatic gun reload times.
Modifies calorie amounts for flesh/fish and Fat products, including butchery products.
Rework vehicle safe and max velocities based on physics.
Adding more requirements to screwdriver set recipe.
Causes corpse damage level to negatively affect butchery yields.
Adjust PRY ability levels.
MBR vests weight and recipe fixes.
Reset aim of bows between shots.
Refine forest trailhead placement.
Adjust clay distribution in forests and on river banks.
Rebalance comestibles’ calories, vitamins, weight, and volume.
Made vitamin deficiencies slower to accumulate.
Rebalances recipes to be closer in calorie count for input and output.
Increases duration of most morale effects
Rapid metabolism made purifiable.
Joint Torsion increases stamina usage when moving.


And one more chunk because splitting it in two wasn’t enough…


Fix inability to repair modified clothing.
Fix charge consumption when invoking tools.
Fix grenades not exploding.
Cleanup drivability rules for vehicles.
Prevent application of traps to players in vehicles.
Menu crash fixes.
Fix crash when player moves while remotely controlling a vehicle
Fix gasoline in automated gas station mapgen
Force HOT/COLD/WET items to be active on save load
Make reinforced glass interact with projectiles.
Prevent display of messages the player shouldn’t know about.
Prevent windows from thinking the game has hung.
Prevent turrets from damaging source vehicle.
Don’t drop skeleton meat.
Don’t automatically shoot neutral creatures with autofire.
Fixup behavior of frightened monsters.
Optimized fire spread.
Fixed disarm technique.
Crash fixes for item handling.
Stumbling monsters no longer move at different effective speeds based on direction of movement.
Numerous bugfixes in NPC AI.
Fixed some interactions between various inventories when they are present in the same tile.
Made blacklisting operate more consistently.
Rebalanced vehicle collisions.
Fixed crash when target dies between successive automatic attacks.
Fixed deafening noise from collapsing buildings.
Apply stamina penalty for attacking more consistently.
Headgear now can actually be worn with power armor.
Don’t wake up on dry retching.
Fix incorrectly calculated melee movecost.
Fixed zombies stumbling in biased directions.
Fix for flickering in SDL version.
Allow dodging during long actions.
Fix failing legacy save loading unit test.
Fix electricity and acid ripping up clothing.
Fix a funny bug: going to sleep while playing an instrument results in “Something is making noise”.
Fix shrapnel crash.
Hack in roofs above buildings.
Fix all projectiles causing explosions.
Add back cache update to fix pixel minimap render issue.
Make backtrace() handling saner; fixes BSD, probably others.
Make exploding ammo explode on hit.
Integrated scope fix for scout rifle.
Restrict usage of computers for blind character.
Fix NPCs talking to deaf player.
Fix line slopes and adjust projectile attacks.
Remove morale penalty after washing if filthy item was worn whilst washing it.
Fix items from previous saves not having any charges even when counted by charges.
Ask only once per dangerous tile to enter.
Fix safe mode trigger distance.
Fix an active item processing crash.
Never give new characters unusable food or clothing (part 1).
Dirty transparency cache when removing opaque parts from vehicles.
Remove grab when target is destroyed.
Stash linkages in the gun like we do casings.
Prevent projectiles generated by Electromagnetic Unit CBM from hitting the player.
Rad-immune player is now protected from zombie scientist’s radiation beam.
Vehicles shouldn’t collide with hallucinations.
Avoid city only scenarios in random character generation when city size is 0.
Hallucinations don’t reset limb healing.
Fix saving character templates.
Fix for schizophrenic NPCs effecting players.
Stop NPCs from leaving the vehicle due to smoke while in vehicle.
Remove CARGO items from destroyed vehicle parts.
Test and fix zapback.
Prevents character from waking up from lack of fatigue or noise while under the effect of narcosis.
Fix placement of overmap specials with city size 0.
Limit consoles and cardreaders to only affect within their overmap tile.
Fix connections in ant tunnels.
Fixed stuck movement after holding numpad keys in SDL version.
Fix crash when NPC tries to take off and drop items where he can’t when asked to wear something.
Fix display of isolated linear tiles.
Fix for excessive overheating from fire sources.
Fix creatures being able to see you through cameras and mirrors.
Remove explosion effect from small arms ammo put into fire.
Fix crash/weird behavior when handling items while over-encumbered/
Fixes the autoattack range for HAS_REACH weapons when the gameworld is circular.
Fix drinking from ‘aluminum can’ segfault.
Fix crash with no audio device.
Fixes creatures not setting off traps or falling z-levels after being flung.
Fix crash when resizing window during character creation.
Fix overmap special exhaustion when placing mandatory specials.
Prevents players from inheriting each other’s deafness.
Fix for melee sound related crashes.
Disable recharging vehicle batteries from handheld batteries.
fix for crash to desktop when player tries to remove charcoal or food from smoking rack
Fix throwing stacks of items.
Fix wrong tripoint usage for temperature calculations.
Make trying to sleep into an activity.
Fix items going spoiled while crafting.
Sort out of spilled liquid infinite loop fix.
The internal furnace can only consume itens up to a maximum mass and volume.
Fix vehicle part install CTD.
Recalculate morale after washing filthy worn items.
Avoid invlet clashes on worn items.
Prefer dropping items into vehicle cargo spaces where available in more situations.
Fix traps ignoring monster armor.
Vehicles: make the vehicle split code more robust and stop game crashes.
Use maps on all zlevels so they actually reveal things.
Fix crash when talking to ranch foreman about prospectus; Fix agricultural investment option not functioning.
Consistent fireproof / firey monsters immunity to fire-related fields.
Type cast for prevention of integer overflow with large volume containers like cargo containers.
Bionics: connect cable charger systems to vehicles.
Unloading plutonium from vehicles now gives the correct amount.
NPC missions: clear the mission during the failure talk topic.
Fixed crash related to unbound direction action.
Reduce quarter-corpse butchering times to 1/4th of full corpse.
Set max for item stack charges, container volume and cargo volume.
Prevent heat induced vomiting until dead.
Folding vehicles: improve collision test when unfolding.
Fix item category names not updated when switching the language.
Fixed lightmap-related crashes in MinGW 64-bit executables.
Npc: NPCs on guard duty in a vehicle stay in the vehicle.
Fixes isometric tile rendering.
Npc: friendly NPCs only warn about hostile monsters.
Fix bomb fragment placement with z-levels on.
Fixes safemode custom rules when creating a new character.
Melee: make sure aoe techniques don’t access an array out of bounds.
Fix aiming if target moves out of LOS.
Improve terrain bashing with experimental z-levels.
Allow turrets to shoot “over” the vehicle they are mounted on.
Vehicles: show active, fueled engines or battery in sidebar fuel indicator.
Hack around android joystick shifting bug.
Restore NPC ability to target player.
Deep bites now actually progress over time.
Fixes errors in graphical builds without sound enabled.
assure_dir_exist now creates parent directories recursively.
Skip dodge and block techniques when looking for a normal technique.
Fixed zombie necromancer was able to revive zombies pulped by a very hard hit.
Fix aiming anywhere after player has moved.
Applies radiation mitigation to all sources.
Adds minireactor to electrical power calculation.
Fixes gunmods that add non-auxiliary gun modes.
Fix NPC weapon wielding turn cost.
Fix monsters’ special attack description not translated.
Fix aiming via mouse click.
Skinning animals smaller than Great Pyrenees now possible.
Vehicles: don’t let drag stop vehicles in active cruise control.
No map extras in refugee center (for now).
Greater search range for refugee camp bandit missions.
Allows vehicles with a seed-drill to plant seeds
Fixed time cost for auto-mining.
Fix crash related to null pointer in creature tracker.
Make fire extinguishers work again.
Fix ASCII fallback for corpses.
vehicles: improve split logic.
Game: adjust vehicle driving offset based on the new speeds.
Unloading ammunition belt can be interrupted.
Fix HP not being recalculated during chargen.
Restore ability to use recipes from eink tablet.
Made Mycus Fireproofing and Mycogenesis consistent, and they will no longer prevent your clothes from burning.
Correct several uses of distance metrics.
basecamp: retrieve companions sent to do expansion crafting.
Fix wall connectedness on tiles builds with tiles disabled.
Vehicles: only sink vehicles in deep water.
Prevent NPC duplications when climbing stairs and colliding with a monster.
Prevent zone activities from working across z-levels.
Fix lighting of exterior walls by player-held light sources at night.
Move control laptop time investment to be before hacking attempt.
Respect looks_like for memorized tiles.
Disallow pseudo items in crafting component selection.
Fix calculation of chance to persuade NPCs to train.
Npc: fix NPC followers not closing doors.
Serialize recipe charges.
Fixed NPC dialog around lying and succeeding at missions.
More mall background tiles will match floor.
Stop people from randomly mutating new hair styles.
Silence error message when monster AI traverses an off-map vehicle.
Fix handling of NPC passenger removal.
Fix check for available wheels when changing tires.
Disallow washing in the dark.


Optimized mapgen when generating homogeneous tiles (empty air or all rock).
Shadowcasting optimizations for ~10% performance speedup.
Fix memory leaks in cata_tiles.
Switch from rand() to a simple mix/hash function for random tiles, also more speedup.
JSON optimization: removed many default values.
Remove effective no-op in player::fire_gun.
Cache morale level and speed up its computation.
Update reload times.
Cache some of the pathfinding data.
Draw border enhancement.
Hugely speed up crafting GUI.
Fix the inventory UI slowdown.
Allow SDL redraws during sleep or when FORCE_REDRAW triggers.
Spam fewer popups while saving submaps.
Improve performance of damage calculation.
Defer autopickup item lookups until first use.
Cache item types for inventory; huge crafting GUI speedup.
Speed up vehicle::is_broken, use it a bit less.
Speed up some slow sections of monster code.
Optimize saved monstergroups to decrease save size.
Faster drawing of empty spaces in tiles build.
Skip drawing spaces in winconsole builds.
Performance improvement for mega vehicles with many turrets.
Faster inventory menus.
Fix weather data performance impact.
Implement deferred color loading.
Losslessly compress all tiles.
Don’t store translated material attributes.
Streamline effect processing on addition.
Speed up cache generation in z-level mode.
Fix decreased performance of software rendering.
Remove defensive redraw, add wrefresh where needed.
Cache values in season_of_year and reuse on same turn.
Remove unneeded SDL_RenderSetLogicalSize.
Use map::points_in_radius instead of manual iterating.
Reduce Submap constant memory requirements of Cosmetic strings.
Reduce memory consumption for soundpacks.
Fix lag due to copying player objects.
Encode mapbuffer terrain data using RLE scheme for smaller save files.
Faster item layer computation.
Improve performance of encumbrance calculations.
Lazily load sound effects as they are encountered instead of at application startup unless explicitly preloaded.
Faster color name lookup.
Remove recursive call from open_or_close().
Performance boost for SDL drawing using color modulated textures.
Improve sorting large numbers of items into zones.
Optimize inbounds check and reactor lookup.
Large optimizations to dynamic lighting via a fast exp approximation.


Allow multifunctions containing both iuse_actor and cpp iuse_method.
Overhauled mapgen to allow more flexible specification of map features.
Better help menu for command line invocation.
Moved mutation definitions to json.
3D map infrastructure.
Move NPC dialog to json.
Use lightmap consistently in both curses and tiles.
More flexible menu filtering system.
Moved special tool items to json.
Moved vehicle spawns to json.
Methods to transform buildings after generation, i.e. to make them looted or barricaded.
Cleanup and extension of sound system.
Unified bullet disassembly handling.
Overmap saves moved to json.
Removed a lot of redundant default json entries.
Allowed arbitrary items to have artifact properties.
Migrated worldoptions, autopickup to json.
Add separate flag for electronic systems control.
Added zombie movement unit tests.
Put the crafting gui code into it’s own module.
Add method to check if item can holster another.
Apartment Tower JSONification.
Add soundpack support.
Added example jq scripts for JSON parsing.
Wrap up (“translated weight units”) to the dedicated function.
Re-seed RNG after choosing tiles.
8-way rotation of some ascii line drawing characters for vehicles.
Automatically rotate movement in isometric mode.
Fix weighted list RNG on platforms with a different RAND_MAX value.
Add function for temperature conversion (from F to C).
Use wchar_t for all potentially-wide-character handling.
New road mapgen to replace mapgen_road
Jsonized monster attacks.
Factor out drawing primitive algorithms to a separate module.
Remove hardcoded moves cost when unloading from containers.
Weather Reader reworked.
Adds Prying quality, adds helper functions for quality checks.
Better NPC complaints.
Implements magazine wells.
Customizable bite attacks.
Add inheritance, strict and bounds-checking to MONSTER.
Allergy flags instead of allergy materials.
Move turret monattacks to a json actor.
Vehicle weight cached, more realistic.
Implement Lua wrapper to store and use either value or reference objects in Lua.
Create Blank Building Template.txt
Comestibles support inheritance.
Add lifting and jacking requirements to vehicle modification.
Extend ‘generic_factory’ + aliases + use the factory to manage terrain objects.
Add compiler LTO support.
Use center_print() function in appropriate places.
Use trim_and_print() instead of locally introduced function trim_to().
Display NPC needs in debug menu for AI development.
Implement string id for tool qualities.
Support inheritance for vehicle parts.
Augment and use map::water_from() to handle crafting requirements.
Move the scent map into a dedicated class.
Convert manual memory management to automatic using unique_ptr.
Make NPC class id a string_id.
Convert lab_notes and hints to use the snippet system.
Item burning code rewrite, exploding magazines.
Jsonize NPC class stat bonuses.
Spot checker for FoV scenarios.
JSONize NPC talk tags.
Wrap file reading into utility functions.
Units wrapper class for volume.
Specify vehicle part repair requirements in JSON.
Adding a call to add per-minute LUA callback.
Move mission dialogue to json.
Add inheritance support to generic factory.
Better handling of item templates.
Move crafting rig definitions to JSON.
Split engine load in to electrical and propulsion.
Fuel efficiency tests with targets.
Jsonize mutation hunger, thirst and fatigue rates.
Rewrite trap loading to use generic_factory.
Encapsulate the WINDOW pointer in class game in unique_ptr.
Add char_validity_check unit-test.
Use dedicated type for mass/weight values.
Use get_files_from_path instead of platform dependent code.
Implement and use a copy_file function.
Added ability for mutations to spawn items via JSON.
Added the ability to load mods from user_dir/mods.
Add wrapper function for finding suitable points for mapgen.
Display float options in the correct decimal format.
Ranged balance unit test.
Use a wider type for symbols.
Json formatter.
Jsonize mutation armor.
Mapgen palettes.
Changed recipes to use filament group.
Use variadic template functions instead of plain C-like variadic function arguments.
Move class map_item_stack into separate header and source files.
Load only base_colors file when it is available.
Switch OS X locale detection to CoreFoundation.
Normalize colors for alternate map keys.
Implement time_point and time_duration classes.
Extract events system to separate class.
Added morale editor to debug menu.
Add CodeTriage badge to cleverraven/cataclysm-dda.
Compress Basic menu sound effects to Ogg Vorbis.
Unhardcoded NPC destinations (using overmap locations)
Improving modding support via adding ability to load game options directly from JSON.
Add a class to encapsulate references to a specific vehicle part.
Max player stamina moved to JSON.
Added FRAGILE_MELEE flag to represent fragile melee weapons.
Unicode support for SCT.
Update vehicleDef.py to produce better vehicle templates.
Move fuel and engine parameters to JSON.
Added pull request template.
Adds the Debug Bionic Power trait.
Fix flaky explosion regression test.
Detect unexpected mutation failure in the mutation unit test.
Jsonize large swaths of NPC dialogue.
Enhance generation of forest tiles with terrain-dependent furniture and forest composition attributes.
Conversion of nutrition to calories (kcal).
Allow constructions to spawn byproduct items.
Implement proper vehicle part iterator and range.
Add script to generate Changelog from SUMMARY lines in Pull Requests.
Make input timeout context-specific.
Npctalk to JSON: Move most NPC dialog to JSON.
Properly implement time duration string alignment.
made_of_any(materials) for creature.
Add the option to create Changelogs grouped by Build to generate_changelog.py
Add support for deferral of player movement, use it to fix two bugs.
Load time duration from string (containing units).
Converts monster size to weight and volume.
Replace usage of sentinel tripoint_min with cata::optional.
Add more functions to vpart_position and vpart_reference
Better clarity in item description code.
Clean up handling of vehicle power to always use watts.
Add error reporting to many calls of SDL function.
Do not ask for retarget when opening projects in Visual Studio.
Print the Cataclysm version number in the debug log.
Fix foldstring ignoring multiple linebreaks
Make point and tripoint literal so they can be used in constexpr contexts.
POSIX backtraces now work for installed binaries and position-independent executables.
Improved CI infrastructure error handling.
Allow explicit specification of overmap special connection type.
Find or create overmap special after overmap generation.
Basecamp, faction camp: start merging faction camps into basecamps.
Better statistics in tests.
Upgrade tests to Catch2 2.5.0.
Show debug logs during tests.
Missions: autoset monster_kill_goal for KILL_TYPE and KILL_SPEC.
Missions: Move some start functions into JSON.
Add tracking of overmap special for placed terrain.
Faction camps: consolidate and clean up farm code.
Basecamp: try to regularize mission starts and mission returns.
Unhardcoded comfort, warmth and feet fire bonus values for furniture.
Reorganize NPC backstories into their own folder.
Enable JSONized placement of overmap specials at mission start.
Split sound functionality out of sdltiles.cpp into its own file.
Split comestibles.json into many files.
NPC expertise infrastructure.
Changed butchery to use JSON for drops, for all butchery actions.
Show test times in CI results.
Add tool qualities to the game for later use in scientific tools.
Replace tag_colored_string with colorize.
Run tests for CMake CI build.
Simpler test randomness seeding.
Enable functional boats phase.
Npctalk: add more conditions and dynamic line options.
Npc: remove hardcoded mutation modifiers to opinions and use JSON values
Adds not-quite implemented basic analytical tools for chemistry.
Fix city districts and increase default size.
Npctalk: add u_sell_item effect.
Npctalk: add a simple pseudo-switch for responses.
Fix NPC class loadout selection.
Npctalk: add mutation threshold flags, static and starting NPC traits, and a basecamp count.
Document units for power and energy_consumption.
Replaced hardcoded terrain list with checking of terrain flag.
Change within_visual_range function to reflect usage.
Allow more specific control over tests run in CI.
Improves structure of background stories to prepare for other types of inquiry.
Improvements to player_activity regarding distractions.
Npctalk: add true/false responses and CONDITION trials to JSON.
Allow flag-based blacklisting and whitelisting of overmap locations on a per-region basis.
Npctalk: add a bunch of new options to JSON.
Rationalize Visual Studio compatibility code.
Mutation loading now uses generic_factory.
Make route_adjacent available to all activity handlers.
Moved wind generation variables to regional_map_settings.json.
Npctalk: move NPC needs to JSON.
Npctalk: move NPC follower AI rules to JSON.
Npctalk: move almost all dialogue into JSON.
JSONnizing CBM slot feature.
Land Use Codes infrastructure.
Moves allergen handling vitamin absorption to JSON.
Refactor advanced inventory item movement to use activities.


Support for finding alternate versions of build tools.
Lots of forward declaration and #include cleanup to speed up compilation.
Addition of many unit tests.
string_id, a typesafe and efficient wrapper for string identifiers.
Makefile supports various standard environment values.
Add dmg distribution target to makefile.
Tiles support on OpenBSD.
Add an easy makefile option to compile every localization file.
Set -mmacosx-version-min to 10.7 using clang.
JSON regression check.
Throw exception on debugmsg in unit tests.
Bump minimum supported compiler versions.
Use ar from cross-compiler’s toolchain.
OS X. Support building .dmg packages for curses version.
Makefile: add USE_LIBCXX flag
Fix bundling liblua on OS X
Fix OS X launcher script.
Fix for old clang versions that don’t like empty initializers.
Disable C4146 error in MSVC
Add mod support to unit tests.
A workaround to avoid a suspected MSVC code compilation issue.
Fixed clang crash on OS X.
Attempt to recover from no git in CodeBlocks project.
Graceful migration of legacy savegames.
Handle obsolete items in mods.
Fix ARM compilation issue.
Update CATCH to v1.5.8
Support loading worlds from CLI.
Always require RFC 4627 compliant JSON.
Include numeric to fix OSX compile.
Add a switch to retain debug symbols for profiling.
Update MXE ICE workaround to blacklist anything targetting x86_64-w64-mingw32.static
Don’t keep _GLIBCXX_DEBUG when DEBUG_SYMBOLS is set.
Allow installation in a path with whitespaces.
Add a compile mode that checks for printf format errors.
Fix Makefile not respecting ‘FRAMEWORKSDIR’ exported to environment.
Bionics regression test, currently “item consuming” ones only.
Add explicit instantiation of string_id::NULL_ID to make clang happy.
Enable unit tests in Travis builds.
Enable coveralls support.
Add man pages for cataclysm and cataclysm-tiles.
Add files recommended for UNIX desktops.
Streamline the color loading from JSON in SDL and Windows console builds.
Add MXE compilation and Wine testing to .travis.yml
Fixed compile problem in VS.
Add codecov.io to .travis.yml
Allow use of Clang through MinGW.
Fixed makefile to use pkg-config instead of ncurses5-config.
Fix the OSX cross-compile.
Put ‘gold’ really in use when linking.
Add equality operator to tripoint_range.
Add gcc 7 and 8 to build matrix.
Snapcraft Build recipe added.
Fix compiler errors on clang-7.0.0-svn
Sort object files to link them in reproducible order.
Update .desktop and appdata files in data/xdg.
Add Dockerfile for building and experimenting on Debian.
SDL windows: allow HDPI displays
Makefile updates for MSYS2.
Properly work-around broken SDL 2.0.5 key events on Linux.
Debug stack trace & crash handler for Windows.
Add PR validator to ensure use of a summary line.
Android build standup.
Add unit test for NPC movement fixes.
Fixed Android build regression.
Change MSVC configs to build test executable.
Faster builds with CMake.
Vehicle power test: make it more consistent.
Visual Studio solution with vcpkg support.
Use travis build stages.
Run tests under AddressSanitizer in Travis CI.
Sort generated lua bindings source file to allow reproducible builds.
Adding astyle to deb/ubuntu packages.
Automate changelog generation.
Add macOS to travis-ci builds.
Added VS solution to build statically linked executable using vcpkg.

I18N and A11Y:

Localizable HP bars.
Implement printing aim accuracy as numbers.
Textual vehicle facing indicator.
Translatable moon phase.
Fix of untranslated (sub)category in crafting gui.
Dont’ dynamically initialize using gettext.
Make vitamin and fault and mod targets translatable.
Fixed terrain name translation.
UI improvements (for easier translation).
Allow Unicode strings as item symbols.
Add comment for translators about mutation UI.
Add Chinese main menu ASCII art.
Allow json_flags to be translated.
Display localized “Really quit?” string in main menu.
Fully handle language changes.
Install only specified translations for curses version.
Extract text field of morale_type for translation.
Fix refugee center NPCs’ unlocalized names and occupations.
I18N-ize action menu entries.
Ensure consistent string order in translation template.
Fix interference effect of radio messages in localized version.
Add Polish language.
Better docs for translators.
Add ‘translate_marker’ macro for xgettext to extract strings for translation.
Windows language detection and selection.
Load names when the language settings change.
Display l10nized tab names when creating new world.
Link against ncursesw if L10N enabled.
Make user-facing error messages translatable.
Many, Many new strings and menus are translatable.
Provide context for translating strings of monster abilities.
Allowed recoil level to be translated.


3271 files changed, 4621405 insertions(+), 1700313 deletions(-)
37,604 commits
~700 contributors

New game entities (core)
11 ammunition types, 84 armors, 13 bionics, 18 books, 258 foods, 18 constructibles, 21 containers,
547 crafting recipes, 208 misc items, 52 guns, 33 gunmods, 75 tools, 22 wearable tools, 6 tool mods,
303 uncraft recipes, 17 vehicle wheels
52 epilogues, 46 furnitures, 496 item spawn groups, 1139 mapgen entries, 69 monster spawn lists,
64 overmap specials, 730 overmap terrains, 34 mapgen palettes, 137 terrain types,
52 vehicle blueprints, 30 vehicle spawn groups
4 dreams, 66 effect types, 9 engine faults, 47 harvest entries, 3 martial arts, 14 materials,
104 monsters, 16 monster factions, 211 mutations, 20 professions, 13 scenarios, 262 snippets,
31 start locations, 455 talk topics, 8 martial art techniques, 153 vehicle parts, 17 vehicle wheels
New game entities (mods)
102 ammunition types, 28 armors, 3 bionics, 17 books, 60 foods, 11 constructables, 12 containers,
6 engines, 206 misc items, 118 guns, 6 gunmods, 43 magazines, 369 crafting recipes, 136 tools,
158 uncraft recipes
12 furnitures, 348 item spawn groups, 1911 mapgen entries, 41 monster spawn groups,
41 overmap specials, 2372 overmap terrains, 33 mapgen palettes, 11 start locations, 44 terrains,
24 vehicle blueprints, 24 vehicle spawn groups
2 harvest entries, 2 martial arts, 119 monsters, 2 mutations, 34 professions, 24 starting scenarios,
93 snippets, 275 monster speech entries, 8 talk topics, 11 martial art techniques, 395 vehicle parts


I was here right as it happened!


That’s a, that’s a big changelog, is what it is. Proud to be a part of it.


Dear god what a huge ass changelog. Guess I should go download it right now. I really need to figure out how to keep my personal mods in through an update. Having to copy back in code bits every time I launcher update is a pain.

Edit: Narcoleptic Still doesn’t work in release version.

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Dang the changelog sure is huge. I remember thinking that the 0.B changelog was big but this is something else. To be honest I haven’t really given this game much thought since the experimentals went so ahead of the stable version and I became increasingly overwhelmed by the sheer number of things that were suddenly changed (not to mention I had gone end-game several times before and I was quite bored with the mid to end game portion) but I’ll sure as hell download… er… compile (Linux version was quite borked last I checked) this as soon as possible.

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Good Lord.

Well, good work, ya’ll. I know many of you are putting in multiple pull requests every day of the week for no reason other than ‘love of the game’.



Woah. That is substantial, but I guess when you play 0.C you really do realize this is a different beast entirely.


Congratulations to all of you and all of us!

This is amazing.

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Anyone plan to update Cataclysm’s Homebrew formula ? I can send a PR to bump the version if no one else plan to do it.

I’m less impressed by the huge changelog, and more impressed by how you guys kept tracking every change and put into a one changelog.

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We built some automation around it to help.
Also, the changelog is about 10% of the changes.
There was about 10x that many changes that were like, “fixed grammar in a few item descriptions” or, “added waffles” that I cut from the changelog because it made it too big.

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I’ve temporarily stopped played when you said a while back about releasing 0.D
I knew there was a lot that changed, but little did I know until know just how much.
May the force be with you.

You cut the major addition of waffles from the changelog? This is unacceptable. How do you think whoever added waffles feels about their contribution being glossed over like that?


congrats for the release… finally a new, fresh stable version for my zombie survival adventure satisfaction…

this could be on world record for biggest update for a game.

Awesome! Impressive work. Thank you all!
Gonna get back to play the game again.


Bravo! Thats awesome!

Imo “D” for Donnybrook. :stuck_out_tongue:

While I may not agree with everything you do, I admire your dedication to it. You guys put in a lot of work. Fine job.

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Sounds like a lot more people were playing the old stable then I would have thought. Curious to see how long that change logs going to be for E when it releases.