Items need their id set, so the wiki links to the itembrowser

Hi guys, girls, and cephalopods,

As everybody knows the wiki is kinda outdated, and not a super resource for up to date information. (As the game changes so quickly, and nobody really maintains the wiki).

One of the problems was that the item and monster data is quickly outdated. The item/monster browser fixes that. But there was no link on each item/monster page to the item/monster browser. Until now!

I edited all the templates, and each item type now accepts an id variable. If that is set the page automatically links to the item browser. As seen here

How can you help
Each item page (monsters are done, with thanks to Creator-Unreal) needs the id variable set. To do this you need to edit the page, and below the ‘|name=itemname’ line there needs to be a ‘|id=itemId’ line.

You get the itemId by searching for the item on the item browser and looking at url when you have found the item. For the ‘blob glob’ for example the item browser url is So the ‘blob glob’ has the id ‘slime_crap’.

Please help add item ids to the item pages on the wiki. Search for the item on the item browser, copy the last part of the url into a |id= variable on each page.

Is there any way to contribute to the wiki without playing the spamprevention minigame?

Adding the “|Id=[?]” line prompts you with…

Your edit includes new external links. To help protect against automated spam, please answer the question that appears below (more info):

Not as far as I know. And yeah, it drove me crazy while I was adding the monsterId’s.

Hi, I’ve joined to help with the wiki & ID tags. I’ve noticed a few instances where the name in the item browser doesn’t match the name on the wiki.
For example: Laser Sight (wiki) vs. Rail Laser Sight (browser).

Should I be editing the |name= tag to the browser version? Not sure it matters or is the correct way to reconcile the entries, but it’d be easy to do as I go.

Thanks for editing/helping/joining. Totally missed this reply. Sorry. I’ll create a template. Use that template to tag the misnamed pages please. (Will edit in the template here, when i’m done with it). Have also replied here:

Also created this issue:

Edit: for people wondering why I’m editing all these links now. This is so people who read this later can find a paper trail of what happend and didn’t happen.