Web Item Browser

I wrote an item browser for this game, it was originally a proof of concept of an idea I had, to have a more dynamic crafting interface.

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead Item/Recipe Browser

This interface currently has the following features:

[ul][li]Search for items[/li]
[li]Show an item’s information, with some extra hidden values.[/li]
[li]View how you can craft each item[/li]
[li]View how you can use each item to craft other items[/li]
[li]View what recipes a book teaches you[/li]
[li]View what bookes teach you certain recipes[/li]
[li]View what you could get when disassembling an item[/li][/ul]

Update march 4th:

[ul][li]Stable database updated to 0.A[/li]
[li]Visual cue as to what database (stable/trunk) is active.[/li]
[li]The disassembly is now complete.[/li]
[li]The search results have a new appearance.[/li][/ul]

Update march 5th:

[ul][li]Knows how to cut items[/li]
[li]for items that can be cut, it shows you what you get for cutting it (2x4:12 skewers)[/li]
[li]for items that are the result of cutting other items, it tells you the material you need to cut (skewer:wood)[/li]
[li]The search now includes materials, so you can look for “wood”, “iron” and friends (it’s only looking at the primary material)[/li]
[li]Include the sidebar menu in each item area (view, craft, recipes, disassemble)[/li]
[li]The recipe screen has been modified to use only 1 column to make room for the sidebar menu.[/li][/ul]

Update March 12:
Item categories, currently clothing, melee and books.

[ul][li]Armor: Torso (the clothing is split in body parts)[/li]
[li]Some Melee items[/li]
[li]Combat related books (the books are split in categories)[/li][/ul]

Update March 16:

[ul][li]Supports ranged weapons’ stats[/li]
[li]Shows a list of the possible ammo/charges for tools and guns[/li]
[li]Ranged weapon catalog (split by skill)[/li]
[li]Bug fixes.[/li][/ul]

Update March 17:

[ul][li]Consumables (food/drinks/meds)[/li][/ul]

Every step of the way, the items are hyperlinked so you can easily browse related items.

Update March 25:

[ul][li]change how armor protection was shown[/li]
[li]Show Item flags’ text (water proof, withstand a lot of abuse, etc)[/li]
[li]Show Item qualities[/li]
[li]Quality catalog[/li][/ul]

Update October 15:

[ul][li]Fix the “Heal” field when viewing items, should now be “Healthy” and display the appropiate value - Kodi Arfer[/li]
[li]Show commestibles’ charges - Kodi Arfer[/li]
[li]Show commestibles’ spoil rate in days. - Kodi Arfer[/li]
[li]Show commestibles’ stimulant value in minutes. - Kodi Arfer[/li]
[li]Implemented a skill catalog, found on the home page, it lets you browse the items you’re able to build at certain level of each skill. -Matthew Stein [/li]
[li]Implemented an item flag catalog, found on the home pag, it lets you browse the items that have certain flags. - Chase S[/li][/ul]

Update December 9

[ul][li]Monster catalogs, by spawn groups and by species[/li][/ul]

Update December 18

[ul][li]There is a now a Gun mod catalog (can be found on the homepage sidebar)[/li]
[li]When viewing items it shows the possible mod locations.[/li]
[li]When viewing mods it shows its stats (there are some differences between the game’s code in stable release and the dev code, shouldn’t be a problem)
[/li][li]When viewing mods it shows the possible types of guns it can be attached to.[/li][/ul]

Update January 13 2015:

[ul][li]The search now includes monsters (for example: zombies)[/li]
[li]Container catalogs (the container attributes are new to the dev branch)[/li]
[li]Several bugfixes and overall internal overhaul[/li][/ul]

Update January 14 2015:

Load and show construction data

[ul][li]Each item now has a new construction tab, showing each construction the item can be used in[/li]
[li]A construction catalog grouped by category[/li]
[li]In the qualities catalog, it shows the amount of constructions each item can be used in[/li][/ul]

Don’t forget to check the source code on github!

So where is it?

He forgot to link to it. It’s here.

I think it’s a good start, though the interface can use some improvements. And the craft page does not work all the time, and example is http://cdda.estilofusion.com/nailrifle/craft . You can craft the nail rifle from nail fun but the page does not show it.

Heh that’s funny, I forgot the link, thanks Infectedmochi.

Analysing the logs, I watched some search terms, I noticed that searching for “cbm” wasn’t returning any matches.

It’s fixed now.

I wish the Wiki was updated with the info from the browser.

Having said that, the browser is excellent!

The problem is the wiki has to be manually updated, that’s a lot of work, while this browser only has to parse the data files.

It could be a good resource alongside the wiki.

This is quite nice, simple and clean interface. I would like the game to be more mouse driven like this, but that is a while off.

This thread should be stickied.
In the meantime, thanks to Soyweiser for adding the links to the wiki.

I just updated the application.

On the backend I cleaned up the code, I might release it soon, I have to add some comments and do some more cleaning up.

On the other side, I have uploaded two apps now.

The default one now has the stable item data from 0.9. http://cdda.estilofusion.com
The new items and recipes can be reached in http://cdda-trunk.estilofusion.com

There are links on the top bar on either app, you can switch from the view of one to the view of the other, this way you can see if there are any differences.


You can search by tools or components right in the crafting screen.

That’s nice, not the UI I was looking for, but it definitely helps.

I have updated the webapp, I’ve added the following features:

  • Stable database updated to 0.A
  • Visual cue as to what database (stable/trunk) is active.
  • The disassembly is now complete.
  • The search results have a new appearance.

More updates:

  • Knows how to cut items
  • for items that can be cut, it shows you what you get for cutting it (2x4:12 skewers)
  • for items that are the result of cutting other items, it tells you the material you need to cut (skewer:wood)
  • The search now includes materials, so you can look for “wood”, “iron” and friends
  • Include the sidebar menu in each item area (view, craft, recipes, disassemble)
  • The recipe screen has been modified to use only 1 column to make room for the sidebar menu.

Just letting you know this is my go-to resource for checking if the wiki is up-to-date or not.

Awesome, is there any feature you wish the browser had?

Very nice resource to have up while playing the game! Many thanks for this. :slight_smile:

New update

I’ve tweaked the UI:

  • the static top bar has some small changes.
  • replaced the vertical menu when viewing items for a horizontal menu
  • replaced the horizontal menu for the categories in the recipes area for a tabbed bar.
  • responsive tweaks, the site should work better on smaller screens.
  • made the feature labels shorter (from “can be crafted” to “craft”, for example)

Plus there are some bugfixes and extra features.

  • display charges for tools
  • display book stats
  • volume and weight were incorrect for ammo (and other similar consumables)

I would appreciate some feedback regarding the UI.

For example, how would you improve the search results?

It’s already quite easy and simple to use/navigate in my opinion. I do like the horizontal menu at the top though. :stuck_out_tongue: