Guys, let's update the Wiki

Hey everyone,

I am new to this game, just found it last week and I am already addicted. I am one of those players who relies heavily on game Wiki’s for games such as this, but as we all know the wiki is out of date. This is not a call for the Dev’s to fix it, this is a call for US to fix it. Included in the game is the RAW files which allow us to find out every piece of information about every item in the game. I have begun to update the crafting section of the wiki, working on the Weapons part of it right now. What I would like to see happen is that every recipe is A.) Up to date and B.) Has working links to every Tool and Component involved. This is not a hard thing to do it just takes a little time.

If you had an hour or so of free time, and would like to help out with this project please leave a reply here letting us know what section you are doing (So we won’t both be working on the Weapons list for example). Together we can make this game more approachable for new players.



Are any of the item, enemy, map tiles, ect. pages out of date?

From what I can tell the wiki is still running on Cata 0.4.

So yea, it’s a bit out of date.

Yeah. There is no mention of Self Bow, Short Bow, Reflex Curve Bow just to name a few.

There isn’t even mention of churches, a 0.5 addition.

I will look through the data files and add missing items, but I will stick away from any guides as I am not one for streamlining game play or guiding people the easiest route, as I’m sure people want.

I’ve updated the Morale section to reference focus instead of XP, I would appreciate it if somebody would look it over and fix it if necessary.
Edit: Updated the Skills section to reference focus as well.