This replaces half the wiki

and looks like it doesn’t require manual entry.

We’re aware of this. Have you seen the discussion on the Talk:Crafting page?

I think Mattamue wanted to emphasize that we can throw away a large part of the wiki thanks to this tool. Having the item stuff created automatically is much, MUCH better than having everything edited by hand, which is an endless and error-prone effort.

I think keeping all the outdated crafting stuff in the wiki may now be actually harmful; it would be better to delete this stuff and only keep a page iff it contains some special information which couldn’t be grabbed automatically.

PS: I couldn’t find any related or particular discussion on Talk:Crafting. What exactly were you referring to?

You’re right, Wuzzy the app is quite accurate and complete.

Updating the Wiki manually is a huge task and the information changes a lot while the game is in development.

But the wiki is still needed, to add custom information about the items.

I’m going to try adding a feature to the item browser, where each item can create a “wiki link” pointing to the official wiki.

For example the Sewing kit would lead to this page which has information the item browser just won’t have.

Sheco, that’s an excellent idea!

Okay. As long as a wiki page for an item adds new information which is not automatically obtainable, I think that keeping that wiki page is totally legit.
I also like the idea.

Necro, of course, but may as well stay where the discussion was for this particular forum.

Has anyone looked into combining the item browser with the wiki? Some way to automatically get it to have new item info like the item browser? Getting that over with would let everyone who gets an urge to edit it add something that’s not covered by the browser.

Also, is sheco around anywhere anymore? Seeing as he knows a lot about this discussion.

BmacZero, I think, was originally the person who ran the automatic loading of wiki pages with a bot.

Kenoxite was the wiki wiz with tables and his work to attempt to make the manual data uniform and somewhat sane with templates.

For me, the sheer rate of change quickly got out of hand for manual updates and the stop-gap of only updating the stable release meant a mountain of work when the release hit. I would love to see a wiki bot come back OR more integration and linking to the item browser. The latter may be the best course of action as the item browser is already in place. and it’s near-matches could redirect to

Hmm, alright. I’ll see if I can’t find some time to look into restarting or redoing that bot to fill out all the basics.

EDIT: I’ve never even tried editing a wiki before but now that I’ve looked it over a touch I think I get the idea. Formatting-wise I can definitely do this, it’s more a question of whether or not I can figure out the bot interface well enough to have it actually add stuff to the wiki.

I am not around the forums much really.

Personally I think the best way would be to integrate both the item browser with the wiki, not making a bot to feed the wiki.

This was already thought of when I added a “wiki” link on each item, leading to the appropriate entry on the wiki, so people would add there extra bits of information about certain items, but maybe that’s not enough.

The item browser does a nice job at gluing items together, that will be something very hard to achieve with a wiki bot.

A bot to add basic descriptions on the wiki with a clear comments section that also points back to the browser?

Most of the current templates have an obvious comments section that may be save-able.

Some examples

Here you can see how the comments are usually made.

If a bot similar to BMacZero’s could be (re)started, I’d be amazing - I’m slowly adding monster and item pages based on the browser, focusing on those I encounter in my games or saw people complaining about on the forum.