Item browser update?

So, 0.C has been out a while, but the item browser is still on 0.B - it’s not a huge problem or anything, but an update would be nice. Anybody know anything about that?

Afaik if you use it in the experimental setting the database is up to date.

Well just saying…

not to mention that item browser is far more up to date than wiki what remember 0.A

The thing is that the Item Browser is split into stable and experimental.

The stable is currently locked to 0.B, and the experimental is taking the latest experimental build.

The latest stable is 0.C, and a lot have changed or been added since 0.B. The browser really need to be updated to match that.

There are a lot of people who won’t even touch an experimental build so long as there is a relatively current stable available, as well as people who won’t touch an experimental build ever, even if it’s the only thing available. To these people, the experimental database could be worse then the outdated one, if they even look at it at all. Most would simply assume that the stable branch is the most current stable, because that’s what can be expected.

And why not? The experimental is updated daily (nightly?). Why wouldn’t the stable be updated once a stable is released? It makes sense.

The item browser is built and maintained by someone other than the main Cataclysm developers. If you want it to be updated, you’ll need to get in touch with however built it (Sheco I believe, though he was last active 10 days ago) and ask them to do so. We have literally no control over it, so it’s up to them to make any required changes.

Fair enough - it’s what I was guessing, actually… just needed to know who to mention it to.

Actually, i just looked, and the stable says it’s version 0.C-6-g3a77179 now.

Is that the actual stable, or one of the experimentals built from it?

As far as i know, there is no way of determining exactly what version you have. It’s not written anywhere, is it? Not on the stable on the main page, at least. No file in the directory either.

That string of numbers/letters tells you exactly what version you have. It’s linked to the latest github commit and allows you to accurately pinpoint the exact point in development when that version was created. In the case of that commit, it happened about a day after the stable was released, when the translation fixes went in. (To find when a version was created, take this url and the version name “0.C-6-gXXXXXXX”, and replace the numbers/letters at the end of the url with the 7 X spots in the version name.


I’m sorry I didn’t update the stable 0.C release in time, I didn’t get any notification anywhere and I’ve been quite busy with my job.

Updating the Item Browser to point to a new release is quite easy and doesn’t take any time, so I don’t mind doing it.

If anybody wants to help with this, I would gladly agree to share the access to do so.

This doesn’t mean I’m leaving the project, I’ll still be around.

Oh and about updating the stable database automatically, I could do that, but I would need a reliable way to detect the latest stable git branch and switch to that.

Right now, I would have to gamble and I’m not sure that’s safe enough.

The item browser is REALLY REALLY helpful! Thank you for doing it! It is greatly appreciated.

If you can detect when a new release is bundled that would probably let you do it with fairly nice reliability. No clue if github supports checking that though.

If you can detect when a new release is bundled that would probably let you do it with fairly nice reliability. No clue if github supports checking that though.[/quote]

Not a bad idea, i2amroy, a quick investigation led me to this possible candidate to fetch the latest tag:

$ curl -I | grep Location:

I could do a nightly task to perform this request and see if the tag has changed and then switch to that tag.