Updated item browser

I updated the code from the item browser located at https://github.com/Sheco/cdda-itembrowser, and Chezzo is currently hosting it at http://cdda.chezzo.com/ (stable) and http://cdda-trunk.chezzo.com/ (recently updated experimental). There are some minor fixes for data that wasn’t being displayed correctly.

That is great! Thank you very much!

it is a good day.

do i right understood you what this beta itembrowser use online database which update automatically when new beta builds came to dev.narc.ro FTP? WOW…

i try to up this service on my PC but - fails. :frowning: i’m a lamer

I still have to run the update manually on Chezzo’s server.

The code changes are contained in a branch in my itembrowser fork, https://github.com/DanmakuDan/cdda-itembrowser/tree/updatefixes.

The setup is intended to use vagrant to set up a VM to host it, but I followed a manual process to set up composer (php). The search function depends on ‘memcached’ running in the background, which is what is not running on the estilofusion site. Because of the dependence on memcached by the PHP framework and the data processing code, a setup on a Windows machine isn’t functional currently.

I have been away, thank you for the efforts in forking the item browser and fixing some stuff.

Memcache is not necessarily a hard dependency, it can be changed to a file cache, in this file: https://github.com/Sheco/cdda-itembrowser/blob/master/src/app/config/cache.php

Although if this is done, there’s something that needs to be taken into consideration, the database indexer uses a file cache, which is the same storage as the search, but the database indexer runs on the command line and the search is run on the webserver, so there might be some file permission issues.

Today I performed some quick and dirty patches to fix the cdda-trunk’s database indexing, but I see the changes done in the repo you mentioned are a lot more thorough, so I think I should probably merge those.