New update 0.8

Any idea of when it will hit? What is the time frame Id like to start playing again

waiting for next version
not playing now instead
Shame on you.

I don’t know when 0.8 will hit, but the experimental build already got a lot of new content (Over 900 commits I think). It still lack tilesets and translations, but other than that, it’s full of new stuff.

Where can I get the experimental build?

Go to the Cataclysm homepage, it’s in the right-hand bar.

Actually both stable and lastest packages have the same version by the looks of it (0.7.1), according to changelogs.

That’s because most of the places where a version number shows up aren’t updated until right before the release.

As for how much longer till .8, once GalenEvil’s tiles pull request is merged (which should hopefully happen in the next couple of days) there will be approximately a week of only bugfixing and then .8 will be released.

So this mean we can have a buggy version of 0.8 released in a couple days as experimental 0.7.1? :slight_smile:

Pretty much. :stuck_out_tongue:

we are the beta testers. its best to release a buggy version and let us find the bugs then to try to nail them all down themselves. Its faster to use us to find the bugs.

Yeah, they’re going to release it as an experimental build. But it’s only going to be called 0.8 once the bug are sorted out.