Item Browser site issues?

Lately, when I try to look things up on the item browser website, I am getting a lot of errors. I haven’t been able to find any announcements explaining the problem here on the forums (although my search-fu is notoriously bad). What’s up with the site?

Are you using Estilio or Chezzo? The former is defunct.

Chezzo also has armor ratings pre-nerf, but at the very least is up to date in most other regards.

Whatever comes up on a websearch…

Chezzo, it turns out.

If I navigate the links, it works fine. But when I do a search, it often throws an error and shows me the code that’s throwing the error.

…Although I can’t seem to reproduce it today.

@Chezzo? Are you okay?

Sure am, @BorkBorkGoesTheCode. How bout yourself?

Unwell. Good to know you’re still here.

Does anybody know why the Item Browser won’t open the melee weapons section for the experimental version? Stable section works fine, but whenever I navigate to the melee section for experimental I get the “Whoops! Looks like something went wrong!” message. Same thing happens when I try and use the search function for anything.

This is the correct site, right? I’m getting the error noted as well. It’s a great tool that I use madly for a few days every few weeks/months or so… :slight_smile: