Item Browser site issues?


Lately, when I try to look things up on the item browser website, I am getting a lot of errors. I haven’t been able to find any announcements explaining the problem here on the forums (although my search-fu is notoriously bad). What’s up with the site?


Are you using Estilio or Chezzo? The former is defunct.

Chezzo also has armor ratings pre-nerf, but at the very least is up to date in most other regards.


Whatever comes up on a websearch…

Chezzo, it turns out.

If I navigate the links, it works fine. But when I do a search, it often throws an error and shows me the code that’s throwing the error.

…Although I can’t seem to reproduce it today.


@Chezzo? Are you okay?


Sure am, @BorkBorkGoesTheCode. How bout yourself?


Unwell. Good to know you’re still here.