It seems that we can't do anything in the car with a “turret chassis”

It seems that we can’t do anything in the car with a “turret chassis”(in mod 《Vehicle Additions Pack》).
Almost all turrets are mounted on “turret mounts”.

It’s worth mentioning that we can’t make turret mounts, even if you have mastered all the recipes.

I had always head-spaced this to be that the Mount is just the ability to physically attach it to your car and the Chassis is the motor/solar cell needed to make it automated. Plop both onto the same space in your car, seems to work fine. Turret mounts cannot be constructed but are available with salvaging.

Maybe I didn’t understand what you mean, but it works fine even without a “ turret chassis ”.

Ahh, my mistake. I’m using the VAP, but it wont even let me install a turret gun without the chassis. Are you using the version included with the game?

Turret mounts allow automated fire.
Turret chassis are a mess of weird stuff and will get removed Real Soon Now.

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Oh, thats excellent news! The fact that blazmod is being incorporated this way makes me very happy.

I’m cleaning up blazemod as I go. Vortex engines, for instance, are working again.

My plan is to add a recipe to craft turret_mount and make an uncraftable turret_stabilizer, then migrate turret_chassis to turret_stabilizer. turret_mount would represent a “simple” tripod or pintle mount without stabilization that is adequate for firing from a stationary vehicle, but is very inaccurate when firing from moving vehicles. turret_stabilizer would remove the unstable penalty.

turret mounts may end up getting sizes, too, so you can’t replace a M2 BMG with a 120mm cannon on the same turret mount.

Those sound like excellent additions. I would appreciate more options for auyomated defenses but i currently think the crafting is probably too cheap. Additional construction requirements/components would be appreciated

I installed a turret mount on my APC and it didn’t seem to allow any kind of gun to be mounted - including the m60 that was mounted on it in its original vehicle. Didn’t mess with it too much as I don’t use vehicle turrets much, so there may be some sequence of necessary actions that I was missing.

Did you have at least Rifles 2? You need certain minimum skill requirements to mount weapons in turrets.

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Hmm. I do now, but now that you mention it, I might not have last time I tried. That’s probably it.

It seems that some boats are not working properly.
I don’t understand how to build a ship, so debug gets all kinds of ships, but they can’t sail.

Boats are going to be minimally functional until a bunch of other things get fixed. I am not going to spend a lot of time fixing issues with boats but someone else is welcome to work on them.