Mounting turrets to vehicles

I’ve mounted turrets to vehicles before with no problem. I’m playing a on an experimental version now, crafted a pulse turret and I can’t mount it on my vehicle. I’m not given the option to mount it no matter where I try on the vehicle. Did the process change?

Are you using Vehicle Additions Pack? That changes turret properties considerably.

You have to install a turret frame first. For that, you need to craft a turret frame. You will also probably need a turret engine or a large turret engine (both craftable). I suggest you read the page about that mod in the forums.

However, if you AREN’T using Blaze’s mod then I’m stumped. ;w;

I am using Blaze’s mod. The info helped and was able to weaponize my death van. Thanks!

Ah, good. <3

Blaze really should include some manner of warning in his mod’s description.