Question on the UPS

How fast does the UPS chew through batteries?

It should be 1 power drain every two 200 “ticks” for just having it on, and it depends on what you use it for. Power armor can increase the amount of power per turn, and UPS weapons drain an amount (five or something) every shot.
It’s a pretty big power dump, getting or crafting an extra battery mod should be important to you, as well as unloading every extra flashlight, soldering iron, mp3 player, and general electronic you find

Yeah. It’s such a shame coilguns actually require an activated UPS now. TT_TT

Do you mean activated as with batteries inside it or do you mean it has to be ON?

Because if it needs an ON UPS those guys just made my loved coilguns useless D:

Why? Just turn the UPS on whenever you want to shoot. You should look into the Advanced UPS, 5 plutonium cells translate into 2500 units of power.

Mostly because you would lose 1 shot due to the default UPS power drain every 10 shots, assuming you are shooting continously and dont walk or do anything between them

Well, batteries are quite commonplace if you don’t use them in welder, so it’s okay I guess.

Well, yes but a loss in efficacy is still a loss in efficacy, and the coil gun was never that good to begin with. Guess I will stick to my nail bat and throwing spikes then.

Well, I’m sure that the Cata developers had in mind the fact that UPS wasn’t developed for field use in the first place and was further adjusted. It’s just versatile because it’s powerful enough. Good thing that (truth be told) advanced UPS systems were designed with the help from military-grade knowledge and experts.

Welders really need to be modified to drain less battery for less heavy-duty repair jobs, and more for things that are very damaged. Right now if you want to repair your car fully at any time you need to find like 4 flashlights and empty them. :confused: