[Question] Is iOS mobile back?

First and foremost, I would like to apologize if there is already a thread on this already up and about. If there is one, if a mod or somebody could direct me that would be great.

With that out of the way, the topic at hand. I noticed that on the iOS App Store, there was a game called ‘Cataclysm RPG’ which is very much like (and plays, functions, etc.) CDDA. For those who don’t know, dancingbottle (the person who did the CDDA on iOS to begin with) stopped updating it about 3-4 years ago. So, is somebody from the forum here bringing back CDDA under a new name (since they cannot name it CDDA due to the app store having that name taken already.) or is it a copy pasta that is going to ACTUALLY be updated?

The reason I ask this is because as somebody who both loves CDDA and owns it on PC and iOS, I am very eager to finally have a more ‘updated’ version for mobile when I cannot play at home. Hopefully somebody in the know could inform or break the news on this, as the app in question (Cataclysm RPG) was released about 4-5 days ago on the App Store for iOS.

Once again, apologies if this topic and question has already been posted somewhere and answered. I didn’t see one and I figured… what’s the harm in asking…


Hey. I’m a creator of “Cataclysm RPG”. I’ve taken what dancingbottle made, put it under source control, updated the CDDA to 0.E-3, made some features and continue to support it. Tiles, sound, plugins — all of that is available on usual basis bu file sharing functionality. I’m in progress with iCloud sync now, stay tuned :slight_smile:


Well, first off, I very much appreciate the continuation(?) of it on iOS, as it brings back a great way to pass time when offline or away from home. Most games nowadays, even some single player games, require an online connection to play (which can be somewhat annoying…) even on an ‘offline’ session. Add in the fact that I enjoy the game immensely and there always feels like there is something to do or work towards, or even learn, which makes it have a sense of longevity.

I do very much hope to see further content and stuff brought in, as well as tilesets and other features, but I understand these things take time and resources to do. I am extremely thankful that somebody, or even a group of people are bringing/reviving it for iOS, so I will be keeping a vigilant eye on it moving forwards.

And before I do forget, thank you for not only replying and providing some info and clarification on the post itself, but reviving a great game from a LONG ‘limbo’ of 3 years (might be more…) as it makes me, and probably other iOS users as well, excited and eager for more to come from CDDA itself. I also am glad to hear that it is on iCloud Sync, or at least is in the works.

I assume the source code is being (from my understanding, which is quite little) left somewhere to where it could be continued by others, IF it gets ‘left on the backburner’ again. That way we don’t have another 3 year span of it being in limbo.

You can add plugins, time sets, sounds and all the things we love by utilizing standard files app on your iOS device. For example, download https://github.com/SomeDeadGuy/UndeadPeopleTileset/archive/master.zip to your device, unzip it and put unzipped folder into “Cataclysm RPG / gfx” directory, restart the game and choose UNDEAD_PEOPLE_NEW tile set.
You can support this iOS port here: https://patreon.com/apollov

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Been rather busy as of late, but I definitely do have a few questions, that I’ll break down in their own little list.

Firstly, is the list of ‘debug’ cheats/commands and the like coming back? I ask this not only because I want to help test things out, but also see what the late game is like and what I have to look forward to, at least on the mobile version when I finally have the base and everything setup.

Secondly, why does the ‘NPC spawn/density’ option not seem to work EVEN WITH RANDOM NPC SPAWNS ENABLED? Or if it does, it crashes the game…?

Lastly, and this is one more of personal curiousness, but is there plans to end up making it so one can climb back DOWN pipes that lead upwards? I ask this because some buildings will have them to go up, and no other means to get back down, other than falling, since there is neither a ladder or stairs, so you just take a shit ton of damage for not being able to climb back down the pipe you climbed up.

…Minor question that I just thought of while writing this, but how the hell do I clean NON-Faulty, Filthy CBMS, or even stuff like ‘Filthy’ Kevlar plates, rags, felt, fur, etc…? Because while I know I can clean/wash the clothing/armor, I cannot seem to figure out how I clean the PARTS after disassembling them… or at least I do not seen to recall how.

If you could answer each of these, that’d be great. The debug menu (I’ve tried using it on a test world with a test character) only seems to have two options to it, if that helps any.

I have noticed a small crashing error though, least when it comes to ‘autosaving’ sometimes, when using the REAL WORLD time (such as every 15 IRL minutes.) Other than that though, nothing yet.

Hey, i purchased the app, it’s working very well, thanks!
Is it possible to change the size of the touch control direction buttons? I’m playing on iPad and I find it a little bit too small and would be more comfortable if it was slightly bigger

I believe you can do this, you 'e’xamine the tile