Invisible Dinos

I think dinosaurs are part of a mod so your tile set simply doesn’t support them.

I’m not just trying to push my ASCII bias on people.

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Generally they have an ascii character then. So it is some sort of glitch that it isn’t assigned an ascii character.

Especially since its a mainlined mod.

Yeah, as said, you have to have a tileset that supports them.

I freaked out while using Chesthole’s tileset when I got chased into a mansion by an invisible dino. I deactivated the mod, but then reenabled it after switching to Xotto’s awesome tileset (Cosmetics version), which fully supports the DinoMod… :slight_smile:

Chesthole used to show them as ascii, so it must be something with the dino mod, which as far as I know is kept upto date by the devs.