DinoCataclysm Mod

Basically, Cataclysm:DDA with dinosaurs.

Source: https://github.com/origamiwolf/DinoCataclysm

Latest Windows executable (22 February 2014)

Save files are generally incompatible between versions, so it is recommended that you start with a fresh world and character when upgrading.

To install: Just unzip the Windows executable and data folder into a new folder. If you’re unzipping into an existing Cataclysm install, it is recommended that you delete the keymap.txt and options.txt files in the data directory. DinoCataclysm will generate new keymap and options files which you can then change as necessary.

What’s different from Cataclysm DDA:

  • zombies now tend to spawn in packs within cities
  • more zombies now spawn in soldier/scientist/drug dealer map specials
  • zombie revival is an option
  • guns are a bit more lethal
  • item modification menu accessed by ‘[’ to simply cutting and repairing
  • no dogs, no worms, but dinosaurs
  • mods (no undergarments, no aquatic gear, no accessories, weapon range doubling)


  • whatever inspiration strikes…please feel free to suggest ideas!

Have fun!

Are we getting dinosaurs on the official release? They sound like a great way to make Cataclysm a little more challenging.

Well, I’m not sure dinosaurs would do much.

But I have been thinking of how we really haven’t seen the effect of our friendly zombie-making material on lizards and reptiles, and we could definitely expand the extradimensionals so that stuff kind-of-like dinosaurs might be possible…

We wouldn’t have much justification for actual dinosaurs, though we have them appear exceptionally rarely as an easter egg in a hidden underground valley or something…

That said, I like a LOT of the other non-dinosaur changes, so I might have to check this out… I did always like DinoCrisis. :slight_smile:

There’s been suggestions about having options for monsters, so those who don’t want special zombies, worms or dinosaurs can turn them off at the start of a new game. The monster spawn code is a bit messy though, so this might take quite a bit of work.

Latest version is up!

Item disassembly can now be done using the ‘(’ key, and confirmation of disassembly can be set as an option. Many craftable items can be disassembled into its constituent components, provided you have the right tools and are skilled enough.

How this works:
Recipes in crafting.cpp now have a boolean reversible flag - true means it can be disassembled, false means no. Item disassembly generally requires the same tools as crafting. One exception is welders, so any recipe requiring a welder for crafting will require a hacksaw (or super toolkit) to disassemble.

To specify items which can be disassembled but not craftable, add the relevant recipe line but in the CC_NONCRAFT category. Items in this category will not show up in the crafting menu, but can be disassembled.

Will be attempting something similar for construction next.

Yessss… Item disassembly is something I’d really like to see in core cataclysm.

Yeah, in the process of merging it, made difficult because we’ve both made a ton of edits to crafting.cpp, so basically everything in there conflicts :stuck_out_tongue:

Crash all the updates!

90% of the work there would be wrapping the calls to place the monster groups in overmap::place_mongroups(). Then you’d just need to hunt down the places where static monster spawns are placed and wrap them too. I think it’d be relatively easy.

90% of the work there would be wrapping the calls to place the monster groups in overmap::place_mongroups(). Then you’d just need to hunt down the places where static monster spawns are placed and wrap them too. I think it’d be relatively easy.[/quote]

Thanks, will give it a shot!

Updated with various bugfixes, plus the following changes:

  • Some furniture can be deconstructed, through the construction menu

  • Certain commands (eg eat, read) requiring an inventory item will display only valid inventory items for that command. Items not displayed on this reduced inventory display can still be picked though (restricting inventory choice to only what’s displayed will come later, when I get around to it).

Hrm… I hadn’t actually considered until now, but what about in cases like Internal Furnace, where a 2x4 or leather jacket is a perfectly acceptable thing for the player to eat?
E: Seems you’ve accounted for that already :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a heads up, but your fix for containers being eaten despite being full has somewhat broken crafting things like molotovs, you can’t just use the bottle that the flammable agent is in any more.

Unfortunately, that’s a side effect of being able to carry variable volumes of liquids in containers. You’ll need to put in a checks for leftover liquids and handle them appropriately. It’s the same with making tea and coffee in the original code, you can’t use the original bottle that the water was in either.

I’m still trying to think of a good way to solve this, but for now, the molotov crafting recipe requires a separate container.

Eh, it’s a really minor issue in any case, just thought I should point it out in case you’d missed it.

sounds like a general ‘fluids in containers’ function needs to be coded and abstracted from the crafting process.
Would do things like check fluid level after operation to see if bottle would be empty, and fully facilitate pouring containers (into others or partially on the ground)

That exists already, it’s the handle_liquid function in game.cpp.

It’s not so much the code, but more on user functionality. It’s straightforward to implement a partial unload for liquids so that only part of it goes elsewhere, but that means more prompts for the user. So it could get annoying if you had to empty out 10 bottles:

“Pour on the ground? (y/n)”
“Pour all on the ground? (y/n)”
“How much to pour?”

Would like to get some feedback on this though - is there a strong enough need for partial unloading of fluids?

Updated with various bugfixes and recent stuff from DDA.

Flamethrowers, chainsaws and jackhammers can now be reloaded using the 'R’eload command. No need to wield containers and unload anymore!

Will merge the changes back into mainline as soon as I can get some internet.

seems a simple prompt for how much instead of all then amount would be fine. (enter to pour all, esc to abort, numbers to pour)
you could further refine it and add realism by saying they can only pour out the nearest tenth of a percent, and that removes any confirmation enter after pressing your amount.
But hey, I’m no real programmer.

Also, it seems to me that it would make more sense, and be more straightforward, if all containers were ‘reloaded’ rather than emptied, when it comes to transferring fluids. (or atleast it was an option.)
It would cut down on tedium since you’d be wielding the common container to load from many smaller containers, or even to empty out fluid-using devices.