Dinosaurs in game, but i didn't select that mod

`9th day in game, i suddenly find all kind of dinos. I am sure i didn’t enabled the mod, so they must have found some other way to visit. It’s annoying at least. What next, ponies transformers?

It is happening the other way to me, i selected Dinomod, no dinos.

how did you even get dinos to show up i can’t find any in my game :expressionless: with or without the mod selected

Dinomod is included with the latest experimental. there’s a mod manager splash screen when you start a new game.

Did you check the wildlife field office things that are generated?

That’s currently the only place dinos spawn in the mod, as it’s mostly proof of concept instead of actual gameplay mod.

Did not saw any of these in the world, but maybe it was an unlucky spawn.

what exactly are the dinosaurs like in the game? are they simply really tough enemies?

Could you perhaps upload a savegame? this is very odd. And if mods can be activated by accident we should look into that.