Installing new engines?

So, I figured I would be awesome and put a V8 (the engine) and some spikes on my motorcycle. Apparently it’s not that easy. How do I make an engine not be 0-Liter when I install it?

It has to be one that has spawned in the world already, and they’re fairly uncommon as they only appear in Semis, Military vehicles, and Busses.

Well, that sure is a problem. could I spawn a Semi, take the engine out, and use that engine on another vehicle?

If you wanted to yea.

so then. my new crazy motorcycle has a safe speed of 308, 3 gasoline tanks, 3 V8 engines, and is covered in spikes. If only I knew how to go past the safe speed.

You can do it by simply turning off the cruise control from the vehicle menu.

driving faster than 48 speed is unsafe though if not on a straight path with no obstructions, 32 is optimal for turns unless you like drifting turns with the hand brake

I tended to drive along at about 160? in my truck back when I had one, unless I was going through a town or something.

But yea one crash at 300 in a motorcycle and you’re dead.

Are there any vehicles with plasma engines in them by default?

The army truck has a line that would make it have that but it’s currently commented out so it doesn’t in-game. Other then that I don’t think any do.

I’ve noticed that the vehicles spawning with big electics and dual panel/battery units take an infinite ammount of time to charge. Were you guys testing something?

you can but honestly

that’s kind of incredibly unrealistic and should be fixed

a single human is simply not capable of single-handedly pulling a v8 engine out of a truck and lugging it around

irl even a regular v8 car/truck engine weighs 500-600 pounds, let alone a semi engine

even a v6 or an inline-4 weighs like 400-500 pounds


Maybe the player has wheels to lug these things around on? A pallet with wheels?

I’m sure you could fit it in a rucksack or bergen. Like, if you stitched it back together around the V8 lol.

That said, mechanics use weird miniature crane things for that I think.

Nanomachines, mah boi.

Engines use nanomachines to help lift and instal them. So it’s realistic too.

Actually you can’t lift V8 engines , they weigh 800 and it give you the message it’s too heavy.

Tried with hydraulic muscles and mutations?

[quote=“Iron Foot, post:15, topic:1833”]Nanomachines, mah boi.

Engines use nanomachines to help lift and instal them. So it’s realistic too.[/quote]

A bomb.

Use the GEP gun for a silent takedown.

We need an engine lift to install and remove big engines. I recently found a V8 on the road and tried to pick it up. I was so overburdened I had to park next to it and use advanced inventory to get it into my flatbed. Needless to say my front yard is starting to look like some hillbilly shadetree mechanic mecca.

DW and I were talking about making the garage or a player-built equivalent necessary for heavy-duty vehicle modification like that. Basically above a certain weight limit you’d need at least a lift to manipulate certain vehicle components, like large engines, heavy frames*, and armor plating.

Then DW got busy at school and I got swamped with managing the project rather than coding, so it hasn’t progressed since. Maybe I can sell Ian on it, he seems to like fixing up vehicle stuff.

*Along with that proposal was making heavy frames mandatory for larger vehicles, you can probably strip down and rebuild a regular sedan by hand, but individual frame pieces for say a semi or equivalent survivor deathmobile™ would be way too heavy. Likewise perhaps requiring a fixed welding station rather than a hand welder for major operations. Would almost certainly set it up such that you can do self-repair for the vehicle though, e.g. a “crane” or “lift arm” vehicle component to satisfy that requirement.