Wreckage too heavy for its engines

I found a wreckage which used to be 6 police cars. Out of curiosity, I decided to fix it up so I would have a car with 6 v8 engines.

At first things went smoothly, I fixed a seat, a control and one of the engine block, then I installed several wheels and filled some gasoline. The engine started without a problem and I drove it to another location for further fix.

Several days later, I noticed I couldn’t move the car anymore, despite the menu showed no obvious problems, the v8 engine was good and there were enough wheels. The car was in the middle of a road and there was no obstacle. It just said the car was too heavy, while the menu showed it had a safe/max speed of several hundreds km/hour.

Oddly enough, even after I fixed all 6 engines using debug menu, the car still could move. Removeing all wheels and installing them to more trivial positions did nothing.

Any ideas?

vehicles can sometimes get ‘caught’ on invisible objects, if the vehicle is small enough you can grab it and pull it off the catch.

Yeah, I suspect it was because some tiles were in wrong directions.
Because even if I change my strength to 999 (via debug menu) I still couldn’t pull it.

There was a bug not too long ago that caused something similar, are you on the most recent build or an older one?

Its been to long since I last played, but I seem to remember that this issue could be caused by having multiple engines and only a few of them being turned on when you start driving.

I would check to see if all engines are on, there should be an option to toggle engines when you use the controls, I think.