[Would this work?] Modding a solution to multiple engines not working

I understand that before I started surviving long enough to start messing around with vehicles people would build monstrous death machines that required multiple engines running at once just to move. Updates broke the ability to run more than one engine at a time though. It hit me tonight that it should be as simple as writing up a mod with a crafting recipe for a higher powered engine to get your mobile fortresses back online.

What I’m considering is making a mod that allows one to craft multiple engines of the same type into a Tank Engine (Probably going to do diesel, gas, and electric versions to cover all bases because why not) that has the power and fuel usage of as many engines as it consists of (for example, and looking for the moment at the wiki instead of the jsons involved, if I decided a diesel tank engine was 3 V8 diesel engines it would have a power of 2100, a min power of 1800, a max power of 2400 and a fuel usage of 21. Not sure if I should also increase the epower). I’m also considering adding in Large Tank Engines that are crafted by combining two Tank Engines doubling the power and fuel usage yet again.

Largely what I’m looking for with this thread is feedback. First of all, is there something I’m missing that would make this impossible? Also, how many engines should one tank engine consist of? I’m thinking the tools required should be a welder, a makeshift welder, an acetylene torch, or an Integrated Toolset. Does anyone think the tools used should be different?

Obviously in addition to making a recipe json I would also have to make a parts json so that the engines could actually be put into vehicles.

I’m going to be busy for a few days and I’m not exactly an expert with the code so I wouldn’t expect any sign of me actually finishing the mod for at least a week. If there’s anyone out there familiar enough with modding that they think they can bang it out sooner than that and they’re currently slapping their head wondering why they haven’t solved the issue this way feel free to get it out sooner.

Try creating a gas turbine engine instead of a diesel: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gas_turbine

Is it possible to make installing a vehicle part require more than one item as material? That way you can just “install” two engines as a “linked engine” or something.

That’s a neat solution! Craft-able engines needing others engines. Congrats!