[In-progress] Water World Mod

Water World Mod


I want to create a world of oceans and islands if I can reduce bridge crossings. so I tried to replicate this doing what desert region mod did but only to make oceans a thing

This is the idea to make islands and oceans


Add Deep and shallow Ocean variants


Any updates on the ocean hardwood floor thing? I kinda like the idea that Earth’s oceans got swapped with a version where sentient sponges just renovated the entire ecosystem into tasteful patterns of organically grown wood.

fixed that i have other issues now

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OK, keep us posted if you can. :slight_smile:

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i have run into issues, I have extra json for shores and underground ocean, I just don’t know how to make them spawn, as far as I can tell it’s just one tile deep. also allowing cities to spawn is going to be a pain because they need "t_region_groundcover": { "t_grass": 12, "t_grass_dead": 2, "t_dirt": 1 }, and I replace this with "t_region_groundcover": { "t_ocean_dp": 12, "t_ocean_sh": 2 }, wondering if I add "t_grass": 12, "t_grass_dead": 2, "t_dirt": 1 to the above might allow cities to spawn ill test it later

after changing id of some stuff the game doesnt like this for some reason i changed all “ocean_centre” to “ocean_surface” but game wants it to be ocean_centre for some reason ah well

i need help, i can make this doable without ocean terrains but will need a second opion if i should add terrain independant of the other water terrains or keep it vanilla style, i noticed there is an ocean bed json as well

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Honestly, a vanilla style water world would be just fine for the moment. Test it out with extra terrains as you feel like it, but having a consistent watery mapgen just by itself is cool.

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i have it working persay but no towns better played with mods i suppose

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anyone know the regional_map_settings.json?

get this mod and my other mods on my discord if your not there its getting harder to get on it

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