Oceans and their problems

hello everyone, I would like to discuss a very strong problem of underwater, the most useless space in the world.

currently, all the water in the game is the only cell in the depth of the tile (even oceans), at the bottom of which there is nothing, because of the hard coding, which completely negates all plants, soil types, underwater dungeons (I still adhere to the idea that there should be whole flooded cities, ships and ships, since the cataclysm was supposed to cause the collapse of dams, some climate changes and a slight increase in the level of ocean in the world), turning both the water itself and water mutations into a little-used adventure that can only interfere with the player.

at the same time, water is truly the cradle of all living things. we could have whole underwater kelp gardens in which fish live safely, like paradise. or radioactive, drowned in oil and gasoline after the sinking of the ship, areas of water with zombie fish and mutants.

Atomic submarines that become home for swarm of radioactive crabs.

Gigantic ships that become just treasure gift from gods. And tons of dangers and adventure.