Size of Bodies of Water World Gen Option

I’m not sure if this is possible, but after the addition of boats, I’d love to see a body of water world generation option. Cataclysm on the ocean! Drink salt-water, and play Waterworld. Find abandoned sail-boats with undead in the cabins… Maybe a cooler with an undead head in it. I want land to be the minority. Race war against land. Helter Skelter. Then, when the ocean defeats the land, the Manson family comes out of the bottomless pit and takes over again.

What I’m saying is that if it’s feasible, there ought to be land to water ratio selectors. It’d be even cooler to have islands, but that’s hard and complex. Just having huge lakes that are like oceans would be enough. And remember, Charlie was innocent. Tex Watson did it.

Oh, Waterworld. You were such a sucky movie.

Just because Waterworld sucked doesn’t mean this idea does.

I’m actually liking this idea.

Waterworld gets an “ok” in my book, just because the concepts that they brought to mind and their ship designs were so cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said one of the big things that we’d need before this would probably be some basic overlap designation generation, to allow for lakes and whatnot to actually make some sense (and be bigger than swimming pools). Without a doubt this will almost certainly be one of the world generation options once we reach that point though.

I’d like it right now, or perhaps a gen option for nothing but swampland.

Funnily enough you can already get archipielagos if you play with an overmap with several rivers (5 or so are often enough). So you can probably find what forces the game to generate only a single river, change it so more are generated and then play in the Archipelago Sea.

Speaking of bodies of water, river/shore tiles could to with some touching up. We still have square shores, no?

Actually, shores are more naturally shaped right now. Dunno who changed them.

Actually, shores are more naturally shaped right now. Dunno who changed them.[/quote]

That would be our resident French Cattle-mutant, or at least whoever it is whose callsign sounds like that.