Oceans; or deeper deep water

with 3D coming, and experimental 3D vison here, whats stopping is from having deep water stacked onto deep water?

Water is likely the least used and seen area of the game, and its evident to me of that because zharks are massive tanks. go fight a zhark in melee today. tell me how that compares to fighting a zed on land.

im not sure im suggesting undersea adventures or atlantis or cthulu cults, but we have the relative power to add lage, entrenched bodies of water. if only as a landmark or as a way to define the world or even to restrict the players random movement and provide a feeling that you arent in an endless sprawl, an ocean opens up many new RP chances and buildings and allows for expansion of premise on boats, zharks, docks, old guard, and will let us use a sand template. hows about that? we start work on a dessert tile by building a beach?

the long island sound is a very calm (ocean waves. picture how the mediteranian is calm), very toxic area, even today. the possibilities

Also, submarines.

If not as vehicles, but as plot elements. A sunken sub could be a (main) quest location, and to reach it, you’d need a boat, proper diving gear and some swimming skill at the very least (if not liberal application of some aquatic mutagens to obtain superhuman diving abilities). The randomness of the sub’s location could also force building your own submersible vehicle if subs ever become a thing, so you could never be sure if the sub would spawn in deep ocean or closer to the shore in shallow water.

Might we have underwater caverns? Underwater caverns with airpockets?

Certain real-life deep sea aquatic creatures are terrifying enough as they are. I can’t imagine what their zombified version would be.

Since this is New England we’re talking about, hitting an ocean would happen in the east, right? And that might have to be the end of the map generation right there. All land should be to the west of the ocean. But, that’s just for the ocean, not large lakes, which might be more suitable.

If we take the ocean idea further, it could be endless from the east coast to the east, or it could just go on for ludicrously long time and eventually the player would hit Europe and find a vastly different ecosystem. Reaching Europe could be a thing - grab a boat/sub, fill it with tons of fuel and food, sail to Europe. Reverse Columbus. :stuck_out_tongue:

i think eventual ocean exploration is stated as one of goals but neeed functional 3d mechanics.

Most 3D mechanics are functional, but some of the really important ones aren’t.
Vision isn’t done yet. Water also needs to be reworked pretty much totally.

Would love to see this so much. Might be the one feature I’m most looking forward to still. And it would finally give fish and cephalopod mutants a real purpose (although cephalopod’s still surprisingly decent on land!)

Also, worth noting, as soon as submarines are in, that’s presumably pretty much a single line of code away from having helicopters as well…

Having 3D bridges would be nice as a start. The fact that you have to jackjammer every bridge is what really stops me from living on a boat. Even the random swimmers are less annoying. Maybe add some “bridge” tile that counts both as land and as water, as a temporary solution.