Impenetrable chain link fence?

Very odd… Can no longer shoot slingshot through chain link fence… Used to be able to pre 0.F… What gives?
Also, cannot spear (i.e. make reach attacks) through said fence. Seems wrong… Should be able to poke holes galore in Zed until they collapse the fence.
Any helpful suggestions?

Update: can shoot pistol through fence but not slingshot. Unreal.
There goes my stealthy character development… :frowning:

Someone considered it a bug that thrown rocks can’t pass through fences while shot rocks can, so it was fixed:

Definitely needs to factor in missile volume… Hope the programancers can help as I am but a noob. I can understand large objects being blocked but not small ones like pebbles and bearings. As it is, I find it rather ‘of-fence-ive’. :slight_smile:

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it is odd that the fix applies to pebbles considering how small they are. my main concern in the bug report was how it was inconsistent how rocks were getting blocked or allowed through depending how they were projected.

Hi but-a-noob, I’m dad!

True, but the programming does not allow differentiation as of now, as far as I know.
But there is (or at least was) an improved system in development, only to be hit by the feature freeze for 0.F… so there’s still hope :grinning: .