Add chainlink doors

Basketball courtyards are surrounded by chain link fences, but the doors are actually (locked) metal doors. That means they can’t be pried, nor bashed, and can only be opened by using lockpick kits.

This limits your strategy there, as the only thing you can do to kill those trapped inside in melee is to wait for them to break one of the walls or climb the fence yourself and fight them inside, potentially being surrounded in the process.

And, let’s be honest, using metal doors for that place doesn’t make much sense to begin with.

So, what about a new (bashable) chain link door?

[font=georgia]I declare that it was a bad town, seeing all the assault-rifles in the gun stores that children wanted doors that were harder to break into then the Winchester(GET MY REFERENCE)

But yeah, it seems more realistic to have a chainlink door, instead of a heavy metal one.[/font]

The basketball courts should already be using chainlink gates, I just checked in my own copy and they are.

[font=georgia]Yeah, I just checked too, they’re there[/font]

Sorry about the misunderstanding. It was wire gates, not metal doors (colors confounded me).

Then, could the “bashable” tag be added to them? Right now they are just: transparent supports_roof (!).

You can use wire cutters on them.

But I dunno if you have ever tried to ‘bash’ down a chainlink gate, but it just doesn’t work. The whole point of chainlink is that its flexibility absorbs impact. Honestly I kinda wish the regular chainlink fences couldn’t be bashed down by zombies. Maybe the brute and anything similarly strong, but I dunno if it’d be possible to make the distinction between enemies.

Prying would make sense though, since any lock holding it shut would probably be susceptible to a crowbar in the right place.

You have a point. I was thinking in game logic terms (doors should have same properties as fences) and not real life terms. I agree only beings with superhuman strength should realistically be able to bash them down for real.

Meanwhile, we can imagine that the zombies (or you) are actually bashing the intermediate poles until they bend, lowering whole chain link fence sections enough to be be able to pass through them. In any case, game chain link fences seem to be quite durable, so it seems to take their resilience into account to some degree.

Also, if the fences don’t bind to the ground, you can lift them up forcibly, and slip underneath. Do these chain link fences connect to the ground or a bottom bar in this game?
It also seems unreasonable for human bodies, even a crowd, to be able to push over those concrete embedded metal poles even by bending. /Maybe/ a hulk, unlikely a brute.