Cannot re-allign chain link fences

Hi there. On both the stable linkdqvisit 0.7 version and the experimental version 0.7.1-87-ge2919e1 version, I cannot re-allign chain link fences. I can’t re-allign pre-built ones, and I can’t re-allign fences that I build myself. They always face | direction. <— Shows which version I’m using, and also explains why it says 0.6git in the title bar.

and <— Shows off the problem I hope.

And also <— is a link to the save.

Please let me know if any of this doesn’t work, the information was sufficient, or if you have any other questions. Also, I would like to know if I could safely fix the problem myself by using the debug menu, or will this introduce behavior that is either not intended or if it still spawns in like clowns or something when you use the debug menu.

Edit: Also I put the picture in link form only because on other forums, people tend to wine and complain about how I’m stealing bandwidth from image shack if I post the pictures directly. If this is not a problem here, I’ll update the thread to post the pictures directly.

Posted the issue at github:

And using the debug menu should be safe (…and you can always make a backup of the save folder before doing so).

Thank you.