Split rail fence gate terrain blocking vehicles on dairy farm - stable 0.F

From terrain-fence-gates json:
“id”: “t_splitrail_fencegate_o”,
“description”: “A commercial quality gate made of wood with a latch system. The gate is wide open, allowing anything to travel through.”,

Seeing the description, and the automatically spawned cube van and quad inside a completely fenced-in dairy farm, I think vehicle collision with this gate terrain is unintended. Is it possible to modify this via json to allow vehicles, such as a shopping cart, to pass through? Must I drive through this as well? :smirk:

It’s possible that this issue is already known, see:

Also from that report, as a possible fix:

EDIT: Sorry, ignore below. I misunderstood and thought bash data was a flag. Removing bash data from the json does seem to be the simplest current fix. Thanks!

Thank you. That issue does seem relevant. However, 0.F does not have BASH tag on these gates, but I just tested and vehicles are still colliding, even with all open gates.

From what I can see, both my local version and the online version do (t_splitrail_fencegate_o 0.F version):

Try removing this part and see if it works.