I'm keep sinking inside my own boat for some reason

This is something new from the new version, since the new side menu has update, I have a weird situation on the ship, for some reason, I keep sinking inside the ship that I was build, and even keep on that way even while I was landing(I make my own boat can going both land and water), funny how you can drowned on the land :smiley: , anyway, I don’t know what’s going on, I have this problem since the new version, the old version dosn’t have the same problem at all.

Can you share some screenshots of your vehicle screen?

I think boat boards were removed and replaced with boat hulls or some such and you need the whole bottom of your vehicle covered in them so it won’t leak.

You just need enough of them to make it float. How many you need depends on how big and heavy your vehicle is.

Boat boards were renamed boat hulls, but use the same item and vehicle part ID.

And you just need enough hulls increase the boat’s hull height to be more than its draft.

But I already put the hulls on the whole bottom, and is make by metal, and now I’m still sinking, I just don’t know what’s going on.

Your boat weighs too much. Having the entire hull covered in boat boards is not a guarantee that the top of the watertight hull of your boat is above water. If the height of your watertight hull is less than your boat’s draft, then your boat will sink.

How this works in the code:
Your boat displaces its 1 cubic meter of water per metric ton the boat weighs, from basic physics.
The width of your boat is roughly 0.5m * the boat’s width in tiles.
The length of your boat is roughly 1m * the boat’s length in tiles.
Your boat is assumed to have a vaguely rectangular hull form that displaces 7/12 * width * length * depth cubic meters.
Therefore, the draft of your boat is 12 / 7 * weight in tons / width / length.
Your boat has a watertight hull height of 0.3m + 0.5 * tiles with boat hulls / total tiles.
If draft is higher than watertight hull height, your boat sinks.

If your boat is sinking and you’ve put a boat hull on every time of the boat, your boat weighs too much. Either lighten the load or increase the length or width of your boat.

And yes, I am aware that super heavy CDDA deathmobiles made from heavy duty frames with fully loaded cargo carriers on them do not float very well. I’m not going to apologize for that, either.

That is… way more robust than I expected.

You could pretty much say that about every single aspect of this game. Even the simple act of moving from tile to tile takes into account a disturbing number of variables.

I’d actually like to make it more detailed, with some kind of calculation of the hydrodynamic “fineness” of your hull, and have that affect the ratio of your block volume to your hull volume and also affect your water drag coefficient, and there’s some hacks in the calculation that I should really remove (like the code assumes your vehicle’s footprint is a regular rectangle and it really shouldn’t). I’m not really sure how to do that yet, thought.

But the current system is good enough and it has the feature I really want, which is that people have to think about how big their boat is and how much it weighs.