Amphibious vehicles?

So I got to thinking. Could we get vehicles that can be both boats and cars? I mean In a recent world I made due to missing mods leading to a mass delate of my worlds I had one where I found a prison Out in the middle of a Lake. But I got plains for this huge land vehicle I want to make and having only a boat would be a problem. This brought up the idea. Why could I not just mix a boathulls and wheels to make a ride that can do both?

They already exist. Add boat boards to your car.

Ah cool. part of why I posted on bunker. It was a question of Do they exist or not and if not they should.

You can most certainly try. I recall seeing an amphibious truck somewhere in the debug spawning menu. Not sure if it is mod content or base game. Perhaps you could make a test world and experiment with some designs based on that concept?

Hmmm I prefer to make my own rides. so likely start with a cheap wood car with basic tires and engine. and Gill mutation through the debug menu just in case

Keep in mind that your safe/max speed, and your acceleration rate will be different between land and water use. Resulting vehicle damage from careless transitioning may leave you stuck in the water, or sinking, or, well, idk, something else inconvenient. Either way, you’ll probably feel safer with a rebreather or a floatation vest on hand.

Large designs can be sluggish and hard to ensure floating. Smaller and more mobile is the way to go imo. But that’s my whole playing philosophy, so, I suppose I am biased. Not fond of the deathmobile, and an amphibious one seems… Even more silly than they can already be.

I wouldn’t mind trying to make some sort of house boat, and an amphibious quad bike to travel to and from. Could make for an interesting idea.

well this is good to know, frankly i feel dumb not having tested already on my own, but also to be honest i have my reasons as last time i tried that my vehicle was destroyed in the most unintentionally silly and unbelievable way possible, it was basically like hitting a brick wall, sans the vehicle.

touch a water tile, vehicle insta-gibs, nice to know that’s been improved, i’ll have to at least try to make use of this sometime in the future.

Hmm My Big vehicle idea is mostly a mobile fortruss. Not ment for travel but capable of it. The behemoth. large 4tile large (map tile) build with tank treads for travel and if I could get the parts Dimond rams on the frount. or reinforced military rams if not.

don’t mean to interrupt, but are there vehicle parts that oxygenate the vehicle interior by chance?

I doubt that will float, but I would be pleasantly surprised if you make it work.

to my knowlage no. there is no way to have a sub

oh its land only.
I got some idea to try for a sea and land but its core design was land only
I made the design before I learned I can make a vehicle for land and sea

Also, I don’t think so, no. I see the allusion to submarine vehicles. That will have to wait. It’s on the same level of feasibility as multilevel vehicles (maybe happening one day) or functional aircraft (could happen but won’t because most aircraft aren’t fuel efficient or practical, or simple enough for use in a survival situation)

It COULD work, but somebody has to put the effort to code these things, have them be represented coherently, and be functional. That would require redesigning some things to accomadate. Also, I think some people are hesitant to subject themselves to the potential brain aneurysms that come with retooling such an important mechanic of the game.

One day, though. I have hope. I’m in no rush though, because every time I play I think of something else new and/or incredibly dumb to do. Having a submarine capable vehicle would ease the fears I have of bridges. I still don’t know if you pass under them or if it’s like hitting a wall, and I don’t want to test it.

Same and I can see helicopters being of use over planes since copters can hover and you got the gyro copters that are quite small

well i didn’t honestly mean quite a submarine, just a way to not have to hold my breath if it doesn’t float.

would i still be able to drive at all on the bottom in that case?

aircraft and submarines would be super cool, but i won’t be holding my breath for them, especially anytime soon.

you know for testing a bridge. why not try a wood boat and just go slow?

Just wanted to point out that the boats mod has been mainlined.

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Submarines are something I could probably implement in a long weekend. The only thing we’re really missing code wise is a way to check that a vehicle is completely sealed, and it’d be easy to add that to the water drag calculations.

I haven’t done submarines yet because I’m holding out for someone adding some content that would need submarines to explore.

It has, and amphibious vehicles have been in the game since the beginning of the year.

is the drag affected by weight or by “volume” (like having a lot of vehicle tiles but just some of them with boards)