Please Fix Boats (or help me figure out how to fix boats)

Boat boards disable wheels. When a vehicle has boat boards attached, it is anchored into the ground and will not move even when you smash it with a semi truck going 200 mph.

How can we make it so that boat boards will allow the vehicle to float in water, and wheels will work on land normally without needing to rip the boat boards off. Why is it this way, code-wise? Is there some way (however messy) we could make it so that boat boards and wheels can work at the same time?

I have been looking through the source code trying to figure where the function that makes the vehicle sink in water is. I really want this to be fixed, and I am willing to try to fix it myself, but I need some help/ideas, both practically in terms of finding the part of the code that causes this behavior of vehicles being unable to work on land and sea, and conceptually in terms of ideas for how we could change this.

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You can start here: