Are boats still broken?

I cannot get a muscle-powered boat to move. It’s too heavy for its engines. Even when the survivor piloting it has 100 STR and is naked. Positive on newest experimental, tried on new world and separate save. And were the Boat Rental buildings removed as well? After revealing 6 or so cells and even finding an equivalent to waterworld it was just wrecks and river dwellings.

Its killing muh immersion n rolplay.

Add a savegame and report game version.

have you tried hauling your boat to deep water? pretty sure it doesnt work in shallow water, that’s how i got those too heavy for its engine messages. you can G rab the boat and push it

As draghi says, the likely culprit is that it’s not immersed in deep water.

Nope, positive shes in deep water on all vehicle tiles.

So I messed around with some new worlds,
Base game w/ darkdaysahead - Boats work.
Now I have to figure out what mod could possibly be messing up boats…
vehicle additions doesnt mess around with boats so…

Did you put on enough boat hull to make it float?

I spawned boats, and used ones that spawned. Im pretty sure its a mod I just need to figure out which one.

Found it, I still have been using the Big River mod, which im pretty sure got mainlined

I could not find any reference to a big river mod on the github. Maybe it has a different name?

You were asking before about which mods have been mainlined (in another thread). You can find a list of (most?) of the added mods here:

And the mainlining project here. It made the link look like it’s just to the github, but it will take you to the project page if you click it.

It’s also worth noting that some mods conflict with other mods. If you’re using a mod that somehow conflicts with the Boats mod, which has now been mainlined, it could cause problems with old saves where the Boats content was not previously available. If that makes any sense.

Whaley’s Big River Building pack.
Thank you very much for those Github links, I am not the most familiar with github and navigating it.
Should those links be posted in a thread for easy access? Are they already?

Ohhhhh. Yeah, as far as I know, the entirety of the Whaleys mod stuff was mainlined. If you click ‘Pull Requests’ in the repository and search for it, you’ll find the discussion and all that surrounding it, if you’re interested.

As for the links, I don’t know? The Github is the go-to for the game development stuff. It’s worth checking out the issues/PRs from time to time and learning the layout of the site if you’re interested in that stuff.

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