I'll draw your current survivor IV

To celebrate the impending 0.D release, and because its actually great for practicing, heres a return of this thread.

To have your survivor drawn, submit a screen cap of the @ screen, your inventory and the bionic menu if you have bionics. To help with the readability of the thread, please post only hyperlinks to your images, not the images themselves.

Also, if your survivor dies while on the waiting list, and you want a newer survivor drawn, feel free to either edit your post or post again.

You can check out the previous thread: I’ll draw your current survivor V.3 to get an Idea of how things look like.


This isn’t my actual current survivor, but I had had a mental image of her earlier in this run that I always thought was interesting to be drawn. She’s a fish-person now, and hideously deformed, so the earlier version seemed more interesting to draw than the bionic monstrosity she is now. No pressure if you don’t want to!

The survivor is Esther, named after me. These are the items she was wearing, but she had no visible mutations at the time, and was wearing a blindfold.

In particular, she had two bionics at the time - Solar Panels and an Integrated Toolset. I had set up a reclining seat outside of my deathmobile (which looks like this, bless its heart for bringing me so far! It’s salvaged from an RV) and I was sleeping in it with a blindfold on to let my solar panels expand into the sunlight and recharge the CBMs.

I picture the Solar Panels CBM (this is from Bright Nights, mind you!) as folding against the back outside of clothing, and when in sunlight, they fold outwards and face upwards like angular-looking butterfly wings about the size of your torso. I had the mental image of her using those panels for shade during the sunny day, being summer, and sleeping in that seat next to the car.

Again, you can draw her however you want, but that’s what was coolest to me.

Edit: Her hair is long, straight and brown, with her eyes being the same color. I model her after me, except more fit. Transition goals, yo. :stuck_out_tongue:


Edith Lass : Stylish Broken Cyborg on a quest to be the fairest survivor in all the land.

@ & Clothe

Subject 32

Here we go, this sounds super interesting. I appear to be the only one who actually decided to put it in hyperlinks as requested though lol. I did my best make make it easy to look at and all organized. Poor fellow is currently chilling at home with his Labrador kicking back cold ones with two broken legs though.

Thanks for doing this!

Mine is gonna be a bit of a challenge due to sheer number of mutations and cybernetics, but I am excited to see what you come up with! Here is the link. I included the artifact description but FYI it lets me see through walls but occasionally rattles.

He does wear power armor for looting but he has been known to wear tuxedos while drinking homemade beer, smoking cigars, and reading poetry in a mansion library. Feel free to draw him looting but I would imagine the power armor would cover up the fun parts to draw. If its not asking too much maybe you could draw him looting a lab and relaxing at the mansion?

That’s sick XD
I wonder how you play with LOTS of disadvantage in the game :smiley:

Fast Healer makes everything alright. I wanted to play without It but I was dying from acid leak by day 2 or 3 sadly. I’m pretty sure it’s doable though and I’ll try again some day.

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My survivor Deadly Little Miho
The idea behind her was to try for a character that still looks very human but is packed full of surprises, she doesn’t use guns of any type, sticks to a custom motorcycle for long distance travel and favours stealthy killing at night though she can handle herself in a pitched battle too. I’ve included her alt gear if you want to go for something other then survivor gear, Full details here. Bonus points if you give her a pet Slimespring that’s trying to cheer her up :stuck_out_tongue:

With all the different suggestions I can’t wait to see what you come up with.
edit: forgot the @ page, added now

Took some freedoms and drew my facourite sketch instead of your original Idea (I swear I couldnt make your idea for the panels look good, sorry )

Hope you like it anyways Esther!

This was way faster than I actually expected, but to make sure I actually draw everything I’ll limit myself to drawing the survivors already submitted and four more, so hurry to post if you want yours drawn.


Woah, coooool. Thank you so much. I’m gonna use that as my avatar.

And yeah, no worries about the panels. I know it was a bit of a crazy concept, but I was gonna throw it out there regardless. I’m still happy with the result. She’s probably a bit too thin to accurately represent her diet of tallow and coffee, but we can ignore that part. ;D

That really does look darn good. Makes a great profile pic too that’s for sure Esther. Can’t wait to see where this thread goes.

I use the Ascension mod, so this one is a bit more fantastical than some Cata characters.

Blythe Aldrich is a complete brute who managed to steal a bunch of books, become a blood mage, and end up achieving everything the Sanguine Order set out to do in terms of transcending humanity through sacrifice and power. She now lives in the empty part of a refugee center that she cleared of zombies and spends most of her time being a hobo with a cart. (And full passive mutation list)

Turning into a dragonblood cranked up her internal temperature and made most armor impossible to use as well as redundant due to wings, scales, and digitigrade feet that end in talons. The sword she has would be redundant as well, if it weren’t diamond-coated. The shades, meanwhile, are just because they look cool. All CBMs are internal stuff from dissecting zombies and hitting a lab.

Basically, she’s an ill-tempered psychopathic assassin who got lucky, and then squandered that after getting some power.

Also! Thanks for doing these, your illustrations are great and they give a face to the characters wandering, killing, and dying of preventable infections throughout CDDA.

may i join this art festival? this is awesome…

I’d like to see what you can come up with after my last post clears moderation hell for whatever reason. If not, no big.

allright… so this is my character that i use consistently since my first gameplay (died so many times)

how he looks like in-game

his @ screen

inventory + what he wears… mostly.

“His veins itch”
Mod? Because that sounds like an infection of the blood, and I’ve never seen that before…

ahh yes… you notice that detail eh? good job :smile:

yeah… i use so many mods including PK Rebalance and Cata++ along with some other mods in-game. and since the start of the game i got that itching veins log out of nowhere…

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You spawn with a parasite infection or something? You might want to take some anti parasite meds.

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nope… but i just got reminded that i spawn in a shelter and the area is heavily crowded with zombies, and one of the zombies (acidic zombie) shoot a projectile at me. maybe that projectile caused an infection.

looking for some anti-parasitic meds right now…

May as well throw my hat in the ring. Do whatever you feel’s good, man, but I would like to have the head be visible, hence the alternative helmless pic. She’s a fish out of water in a world with wonders she could never have imagined, but an early pickup of some strange armor found in a gigantic castle (re: mansion) kept her going long enough to start chopping devil beasts (re: giant ants) apart for their shells.

She’s got survivor gear by now, but I think the Nip armor lends itself to a more attractive picture.