I'll draw your current survivor IV

It’s a weird comparison, but I always get Absolver vibes from your work.
That lighthearted post-apocolyptic feel, ya know?

I’m not sure how monstrous a broken cyborg is supposed to be, but the Idea of a cyberpunkish-PD did get stuck on my head.

It’ll be really hard to do better the first one I admit.


Hmm you know I do see some abstract resemblance.

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welp… my minds pop a reminder…

your artstyle looks similar to that Monster Prom game on steam…

Wow fantastic work dude!

This is some pretty nice stuff. Not gonna lie. I’m surprised you aren’t already overwhelmed with requests though.


This is great ! Thanks !!

I’ll try to keep her alive and make her actually pretty for the Vth version of the thread ^^ .

Hmm I do prefer drawing the cuter stuff.

Dont think I’ll have much time next week, guess we’ll see how I manage.


Saying that like he isn’t 1000% adorable. I love that he’s got all his bling, he literally tosses on everything shiny he finds. Did you know the game only lets you put on 3 gold bracelets but you can continue tossing on any non gold bracelets you find? All the bling!

Btw do you have like a deviant art or something I can link to as artist credit when I’m showing it around?


This here is my deviantart https://www.deviantart.com/terminarch, you can use it to give me credit if you want. (although I dont really use it much)


Jesus, where is there a size 100 shoe when you need one. All of these have been good but that one is both good and terrifing. :cold_sweat:


With all this great art you do, I’m curious if you’re open for commissions or not. I would love to help support you with commissioning you for some art.

Me smoking a joint with Mr. Sprinkles :joy::sunglasses:
Your art style is so rad!
Can you draw up some art for this? I would love to make a wallpaper out of it lol

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I sent you a PM about commissions

Also PotatoOfJustice will be the last survivor drawn. If they get to posting the ‘@’ screen and inventory.

You can expect the next survivor wednesday-thursday, I’ll be pretty busy until then.

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Nuuuuu i cryyy, im so sorry, i won’t be able to get a screenshot of my @/inventory when i was smoking a joint with Mr. Sprinkles because the screenshot is from an old play through… i died btw lol. If you can still draw up something for fun related to my one and only friend in the game Mr. Sprinkles i would be really thankful though! :smiley:

How dare you have a life and not be able to constantly just draw pictures for us internet strangers. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

As you are just about done with all the characters you’ll do, I’d like to possibly continue the thread with my own, black and white, much less nice looking drawings.
But I also have a habit of intending to draw stuff, but not actually doing it. I, I don’t why. I want to, but for some reason, I just don’t.
Even so, in the chance that I’ll actually be doing it, feel free to suggest your characters some more.
I also was experimenting with box drawing, they aren’t especially detailed, but maybe I might also use them and then just add the details and props and stuff to actually make them.
Here be one:

He actually has more than just tune limbs for once!
Oh my gosh that was far longer than I intended.


Looks like a possible cyborg character. Upper body is built to take a beating. Post more . Looks like a good start point

He wasn’t technically supposed to have such a beefy bust. But eh.
Here is another:

I don’t want the clutters

The base picture I had didn’t have a head, so I added a little bone thingy cuz it amused me.
I have some more pictures around here somewhere…

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Still not bad at all

Please dont hijack the thread.

Thank you

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