I'll draw your current survivor V.4

As promised, here’s the return of this thread.

To have your survivor drawn, submit a screen cap of the @ screen, your inventory and the bionic menu if you have bionics. To help with the readability of the thread, please post only hyperlinks to your images, not the images themselves.

Also, if your survivor dies while on the waiting list, and you want a newer survivor drawn, feel free to either edit your post or post again.

You can check out the previous thread: I'll draw your current survivor V.3 to see how the drawings look like.

Quick Question: How would I go about posting said hyperlinks? I’ve never actually done that before, so I have no idea how do to it.

You’ll have to upload the image to some hosting service, I personally use imgur.com.

After the image upload is complete just copy the hyperlink given by the page and post it here, like this:


Dont post the one that ends in .jpeg or otherwise yhe image will load into the forum

What’s wrong with that?

To many images kill loading times, especially mine now that I have a slow connection.

I also imagine that the images themselves are not very interesting for people that arent me, so not having them in the way would help readability.

I mean its not that big of a problem if you post the images themselves, but I would really appreciate it if you don’t.

I put in the Imgur link, and it still popped up the first image despite all the images I put on the Imgur file being png. Not sure if I did something wrong or not.

Try to post them as preformatted text like this:


…The smf forums were surely simpler to use.


Okay, few things about Crazy Jack. I’ve always imagined him covered in bandages, ala Griffin the invisible man or that guy on Skillet’s “Awake” album. Second, you can ignore the Snout, Mouth Flaps and Stubby Tail mutations. Third, this is his clothing for most of the year; I had to get this attire for him after pulling him out of storage in the middle of his first (90 day) winter. Fourth, his Knit Scarf is a prized possession that he’s had all his life, and it has Kevlar stitched onto it (his Foot and Hand wraps are also altered in this way, but they aren’t so prized).

(Hope this didn’t come off as rude)

I’ve always imagined him being some kind of Hank J. Wimbleton (so bonus if you listen to Madness Combat music while drawing him). I’ve never had someone draw something for me before, so I’m looking forward to the end result.


She’s got a ton of CBMs. Her main weapon is the monomolecular wrist blade CBM and EMP projector. She’s a post-tresh medical bionic subject learning how to be human from what civilization left behind. Her medical mutations let the scientists do some truly horrible things to her. The power armor interfaces and recharging ports are on her upper back. She caucasian with white, bob-cut hair.

Edit; I should add I’ve got an invisibility cloak, just not on those screens!

This is Taralee Jung, my current survivor, in late summer of year 1, 92 day seasons.
If it matters (and it may,) she’s mixed-race Chinese-Caucasian. I see her as drawing her features primarily from her Chinese heritage, but with the size and coloration of a strong, powerful Scandanavian woman.

I made it as an album:


Direct links:


@-Screen; yes I wanted to start with a pile of positive traits. No mutations or bionics, though. At least, not yet.


Inventory screen, with the random junk I had on my person when I saw the draw-your-survivor thread.


Armor sort screen, since I figured the rightmost panel would be of utility to an artist.
The most key points are the O-Yoroi*, katana (maybe worn improperly because she has not found a copy of the Book of Five Rings,) handgun in holster, rifle and backpack, and tricorne hat perched jauntily atop a helmet, with a big beefy lamp peeking out from under the side.

*omit the O-Yoroi if it’s too much of a pain to draw (because it is.)
Anyway, she doesn’t usually wear it for ordinary looting, only when going hunting for zomboni.

Arson Stoney Started as a churl, found a few companion that taught him how to read and now he is part cybord and explores the cataclysm with his team of plate armored companions.

Arson and his team : https://i.imgur.com/2hX1eBR.png

Stats : https://i.imgur.com/w9D8VZ4.png

Inventory : https://i.imgur.com/d9Pggp7.png

CBMs : https://i.imgur.com/THTrorb.png

Mutations : https://i.imgur.com/kKUcEHj.png

Hey John, just went through your last thread and I have to say I really love your drawing style! It has a fantastic mix of cuteness and flair. If possible I was hoping you could add my character to the pile of ones to draw. He’s a “tourist” who I RP’d is on the run from his ex-wife, who has mutated into a monstrous, bionic chimera (see the Chaos mutation tree on steroids) and wants to inflict the same fate on him. He’s currently looking for a way to take her down, and has holed up in a police hub after clearing it out in order to build something to finally kill her.

Here’s his details: https://imgur.com/a/Nl2fJ

As for physical attributes not listed, he has a scar running down his left eye, courtesy of his wife, his hair is unkempt and messy, and he smiles quite easily. Sort of the eternal optimist type, despite his situation. I’d also imagine the targeting system he installed into his eyes is noticeable as some sort of miniature HUD that someone could see if they got a good look at his face.

Thanks for doing this thread btw, seeing all these characters come to life is so damn cool!

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Here’s the @ details

Here’s the inventory!

And the Bionics!

I hope you have fun drawing this guy and I probably should’ve had John drop some stuff but overall, it should be fun drawing a bionic shot gun wielding samurai!

Its not very complete, nor what I wanted to draw for you, but It will have to do

Time for some bad news:

In this last two days, my mother fell ill, and we discovered she had cervical cancer. I will have to return home, and from then well figure out what is going to happen. Most likely that I wont have the time or energy to dedicate to this thread, so there will be no more drawings for now.

I really wish things hadn’t happened like this, I hope you understand.

With some luck I will see you around in the proper return of this thread.


I understand. Also, this is amazing. You could pass this off for a complete drawing and I’d have a hard time telling it wasn’t. Totally looks like Jack, too.

I hope you, your mother and the rest of your family do well. I personally understand how troubling something like this can be to a family.

Oh, shit. That’s terrible.

I lost an aunt to cancer recently. I really, really hope your mother is able to and is aggressively pursuing treatment options. Cancer is one of those things where you cannot afford to wait.

Best of luck and fortitude to your Mom and everyone around! Don’t mind the thread at all, be there with your family!

I’m very sorry to hear that John, I hope you are able to spend some time with your mother and she can beat this cancer back. Don’t sweat about the thread, family always comes first. When you’re ready, please let us know how your family is - I hope it will be good news! Stay safe and take as much time as you need to sort everything out :slightly_smiling_face: