120mm and their useful applications?

I occasionally find tank shells. Is there a way to use them as explosives, or anything useful besides firing them off cannons?

i thought any kind of ammo (as long as it was made of gunpowder) was explosive if you throw it on a fire tile.

I don’t think you can disassemble them.

Sell them to the trader and earn profit :wink:

It’d be nice to disassemble the shells and get gunpowder out of them.

Useful for reloading, yeah?

Imagine the amount of gunpowder in those things.

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There is no gunpowder in a tank shell. None at all. It uses a much more powerful propellant and is filled with a much more powerful explosive, most often comp B.

However, I think it would be nice to rig them into an IED. Either just build a device to remotely ignite the electric primer and leave it as is, or stick it in a large metal drum filled with sand and scraps of metal to create a massive cloud of shrapnel.