Crushed Glass Trap & Sheet Metal Blocking Windows

Title says it all. Using crushed Glass to create a trap. Won’t do loads of damage, but wouldn’t be pleasant. It would also make lots of noise! Using Sheet Metal to block a window or at least stop site would work. Reinforce it later would probably help significantly with being able to withstand damage.
Also, Marbles trap. Wouldn’t really do much/any damage, but have a trip/stun affect. Something to throw down as you run away.

I’d like to see a noise trap you can make with a can, some string and some pebbles or something. I like the idea of sheet metal over the windows, wooden barricades seem pretty weak.

This probably belongs in the terrible ideas thread, but what if items on their ground hampered movement speed based on their volume? Maybe some kinda hidden trait that could cause people to trip/slip like with marbles and such. Perhaps extend that to liquids sitting on the ground(TT walking dead anyone?) Though I could see people getting a little annoyed having to play janitor all the time.

I thought we can put glass shards into a pit instead of wooden spikes?
How else would you utilise them?

Glass shards on any relatively flat surface would be a trap in and of itself. I’d actually say any glass shards on the ground should already act like a trap. Anyone stepping on them should make noise and take minor damage. (Like 1 point. Boots or shoes should stop it.)

No one thought this was a good idea? :stuck_out_tongue: