Modular traps/devices?

I had this idea of traps, sure you can make some in the current game, but what if how the trap worked and what it did was up for the player?
Want a remote detonated grenade? or perhaps a molotov landmine, or maybe a block of C4 wired up to your car’s alternator, or other stupid things like that?

Would work similarly to how you modify your guns, you have an empty shell(either a tin can, or an old pot or an emptied out grenade), then you load in the explosives, followed by other optional crims crams(shrapnel, incendiary stuff and so on) and then the detonator, all of which there would be different kinds of, to do different things.

My idea is that this would grant the player a more flexible approach to explosives, you don’t always have all of the components required to craft a certain thing so improvising would grant you an alternative.

I’m not too sure as to how tedious this would be, or if the benefits would outweigh the effort to make these devices, so i want to know what you people think of this

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All you need to do is to add code that supports desired functionality.

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Hell, just being able to set up a claymore with a tripwire would be a neat innovation. Creating improvised explosives would most likely be done most simply by creating a new crafting recipe(s), but setting them up via anything more complex that “I put mine on tile, if thing step on tile mine go boom” would probably take more work.

You can already place tripwires in door frames, and place land mines on tiles, so the solution probably lies in figuring out how to combine those functions.

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Down this road lies the dark madness of in-game logic & signaling systems. (see: redvine circuits)

Which, normally I’d say makes great sense for a game like CDDA - however, while they are generally pretty easy to code in the basic sense, they seem to inevitably become creeping monstrosities of ever expanding edge cases - and CDDA already has quite enough of those for the volunteer devs to keep up with!

I mean technically the tripwire already exists, would probably just need to combine the tripwire / land mine code into one trap that does both.

To be honest I see it being overrated in comparison to just digging pits or using landmines in the first place