How to mod martial arts

I figured out how to do the debug thing, and, i just want to change One, single thing about my character, but, i cannot figure out how, exactly. I want to change my venom mob protegee from toad to scorpion, cause im not enjoying toad. Is there anyone that can help me figure this out? And, if not through Debugging, then, do i have to start a whole new character? :frowning:

It is only you to look for a dojo and to read the books that there you learn martial arts.

You can debug for a scorpion fighting manual

if iā€™m not mistaken, there IS no scorpion, or any other venom mob manual. If so, what is it called?

WHOA O.O Thank you very much!

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Whenever you need something from the debug list, just type the obvious. It almost always work.