How do I turn off the debug readout?

So, I’ve been using the cheat console quite a bit to modify my NPCs, in order to fix when they have multiple hairstyles/eye colors (Brown Hair 1, Brown Hair 3, Pink Beard, Green Eyes, Blue Eyes, etc.) all on the same character. I don’t know if that use is contributing to this problem, but I figure I’d put it out there. Anyway, here’s the sitch:

A while back, sometime around the middle of spring, I got attacked by a bear-morph NPC. My companion and I shot him up good and he ran off, too fast for me to catch, so I just let him be. Come summertime and another friendly NPC added to the team, I decided I didn’t want him hanging around up north and ran him down through the forest to a nearby little town (seriously, this guy was FAST). He hadn’t healed any of the damage I had dealt previously, and when I got him with the final arrow, the debug menu readout popped up in my feed and said something about him trying to apply a rag and a bunch of other stuff, and then his head exploded.

Now, I’m stuck with this every time I pass a turn:

I looked through the cheat menu that I had been using, but didn’t find anything to let me turn it off. Anybody know what I’m dealing with here and, hopefully, how to fix it?

Open the keybindings menu and set a key for “Toggle Debug Mode”, do not confuse it with the “Debug Menu” option. Press your newly assigned button and the debug messages should no longer plague you.

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Assigned to F12 and it worked like a charm. 'preciate it, Cochise.