A lot of the time I like to abuse the debug menu to create a deeper RP type character. Like supplying a ninja immediately with a katana and 40mm smoke rounds and a launcher, along with any ninja-ish CBMs and mutations. Since the introduction of Spawn density option, I just crank it up to enhance the difficulty a bit.

Another guy I made with every offensive and defensive mutation/CBM I could jam into him, and turned the Spawn option up to 35… At another point when I started new maps I’d make a guy that got a regenerating supply of molotovs and shotgun rounds and I’d use him to clear a large part of a town in preparation for my next characters (he would gather and burn the bodies and make giant piles of all the loot they dropped, but I’d never give him food or drink)…

Right now I’m playing a guy I gave the dream outdoor supply kit to… Tent, wood axe, fur sleeping bag, hammer and screw driver and wood saw and an infinite supply of nails (I cheat up more whenever he runs out, and considered giving him Integrated Tool and Solar Panels.) Fifteen 3L jars and a wood stove, a duffel bag and a military rucksack. I also gave him two steel jerrycans and two funnels. Its nice when they give water, not so nice when they fill with acid :slight_smile:

Anyway, this guy’s restrictions are: no cheated food or drink (besides the 5 beef MRE and 5 orange juice I gave him initially) and NO leaving the forest he’s building a house in now. Before he entered the woods I looted three houses and a grocery store, but from here out he won’t enter another building he didn’t build by hand :smiley: He’ll live and eventually die in these woods… His name is Al Borland.

Anyone else use debug to create RP heroes?? Share their loadouts/rulesets and stories here!

now many up… download the latest experimental version.

go to options and set zombies to 50x.

be a real man.

Lol 50 setting makes my laptop cry sad tears of blood :stuck_out_tongue: 35 runs fairly smooth for me :slight_smile: Besides 35 being almost a sea of zombs at certain points anyway…

And I thought I’d add a disclaimer to my original post: If you’ve never used debug, or had no idea it existed, BE WARNED! Its as addictive as gambling :smiley: Its like the Dark Side, its like Cheetos, its like the street shout-out on Cash Cab :wink: Sometimes its hard for me to just let a character die when I know that just by assigning a key to debug (I use Z, and assign scent map to N also) I can teleport away to safety, or give him a nice pile of orange juice to drink in his thirstiest hour :smiley: Either way, playing overpowered is only fun for so long, so I always end up going back to 6-point limit generic characters again (til I get bossed around and easily murdered so many times that I go back to playing overpowered again)…

Hey, if Moist enjoys using the debug menu, that’s fine. Ain’t anyone’s business if xe does. You play your way and xe plays xyr way.

I have many debug heroes, the best were Page Knight and October Days though.

Page Knight was the paper paladin! He rode into battle on his bike with his 2-by-sword in hand, beating zombies left and right. His bookplate protected him from all harms! He was on a holy quest to rid this city of zombies. He died to a hulk. It sucked.

October Days made a pact with some nether creature for MAGIC POWERS (bionics) in exchange for losing part of her life (weakness). She killed stuff. It was great. Also electric machete is great.

But yeah, debug menu is drugs. Or something.

le sigh

Eh… I can’t be bothered walking there. TELEPORT. HOLY SHIT ZOMBIES! Teleportclear

The only debug char I made was a Dark Souls-themed cosplay when zweihander got added. Powerarmor, powerhelm, hauling frame, zweihander and fire-broadsword, lotsa strength and some CBMs to act as magic.

ch34t0rZ! You’re suddenly wrecked with papercut pain!

What I could do at the most is, since you don’t enjoy your previous character in the next build, hex-edit some and debug some so you can act that he/she spawned in the new surrounding. You’ve got so many games where you can always be like “BRING UP THE PAAAIIIN!!!” Other being that it’s a shame you just abandon some of the characters you can relate to @ some point.

Well, I have to admit that I have debugged my longer surviving character through at least 3 different experimental versions (the farming one, the shopping cart one, and the one that implemented charcoal forges).

Still I dont consider it very cheaty, as I just copy the inventory stats and vehile she had earned in the past versions. Other than that I havr to admit that I have debugged the obligatory fridge inside all my shelters and that I often debug walls and floors away when building.

debug is good to test out new features or learn new mechanics. i find i get bored with it because its just too easy. i dont get excited if i can just stockpile stuff and never die. if its not challenging where is the fun? This probably helps the developers when you do this so you can find bugs quicker.

each to their own. if we implement a point system where we upload points (or just do this off of a server), people can’t get in the points ladder or whatever with any debug on.

No, I’m really sorry for calling it cheating along the way. I tend to play a cousy game also, so I turn skill rust out of mine. Neither is having insane ammounts of skill points for some achievements that you can actually have use of cheating, neither is giving yourself buffed items via .jsons cheating. Giving yourself a Sphynx to live in and toggling your Building to the DaVincian level, unfairly IS.
And utmost respect for all you folks who thoroughly test the game while knowing what you’re actually doing before pressing Debug key. If you keep your senses at a pace where you can tell if the game is nerfed or undernerfed while doing all that, you’re Kings of the Old.

Ah, the debug menu. Very useful for conducting SCIENCE and just screwing around. I tend to play as sword wielding nobility if I play debug hero.

I once spawned a friendly shocker zombie to see what would happen but I think that’s about it. None of my characters live long enough to go through versons and if they do they are too powerful to be interesting anymore.

the debug menu is a fun way to explore the games mechanics and the depth of item interactions and crafting. the game ceases to be fun when you have everything at your fingertips… i wont even wish for items when my life depends on it anymore. it just totally sucks the fun right out of it. i definitely wish there was some form of achievement that shows you have not used the debug menu thus far in the current game or map though. its a little unsatisfying to sit there on day 10 on your throne of clean water, cooked meat and poppy painkillers and think “hmm… i could have just wished this all up anyway”

I wish there was a way to import characters across builds. I don’t think I’ve ever gone past Spring due to new builds rolling out so quickly.

If I get bored of a long liver OP char, I spawn in about 5 Jabberwocks and see how they do. Usually not well.

Is it just me? or tweaking individual skills on debug became harder on nightly builds?

Yea debug is crack, the first roguelike I played was Zangband, and I wrecked it for myself by using the debug menu on that, I had to stop playing for like a year to clear my head and be able to play normally again. If you are going to use it, you HAVE to give yourself clear limits, otherwise it’s just too easy to cheat yourself out of anything.

Regarding the debug skill menu, is it that the skill shortcuts got removed? It was being annoying because q was mapped to a skill instead of exiting the menu, and Esc wasn’t set up to exit it either.

I’ve started debugging myself Disease Immune, as I don’t enjoy that aspect of the game. That, and wishing myself in clean water when I fight through a bunch of zombies to get at a bathtub, only to get back to my base and see that all but 1 of the bottles is somehow empty now.

I don’t understand people getting upset over others using debug. It’s a single player sandbox game, people should play it however they like.