How to create a new item with a image (Tiles)

I am creating a mod that adds a new melee weapon, and I want to make it have an image in-game, instead of the generic gray bar. I’ve made a png image 128x32 and have copied some data from the Chesthole Indicator mod in an attempt to get the desired effect.

Code (Click to show/hide)

“type”: “mod_tileset”,
“compatibility”: [ “cb12_random_stuff” ],
“tile_info”: [
“height”: 32,
“width”: 32
“tiles-new”: [
“file”: “Tileset.png”,
“tiles”: [
{ “id”: “laser_sword”, “fg”: 0 },
{ “id”: “laser_sword_extended”, “fg”: 1 },
{ “id”: “overlay_wielded_laser_sword”, “fg”: 2 },
{ “id”: “overlay_wielded_laser_sword_extended”, “fg”: 3 }

But the tileset json file does not appear to be changing anything.
What do I need to do in order to make this work?
Thanks in advance to anyone who answers.

It should be the tileset’s id like:
"compatibility": ["MSX++DEAD_PEOPLE","UNDEAD_PEOPLE","Xotto+"]

This fixed the problem, Thanks!