Adding a new tile for a monster leading to wonky compatability?


I’m currently trying to create a new tile for a monster in a mod i’m making. For some reason, it completely fails to load any tilesets I set for it to be ‘compatible’ to, despite the image i’m trying to pull from being the correct dimensions, and as far as I know, this:

“type”: “mod_tileset”,
“compatibility”: [
“id”: “mon_quote”,
“fg”: “mon_quote”,
“rotates”: false

it all correct for singular tile insertion? the error it throws also looks like

DEBUG : Error: Could not load image “./gfx\UndeadPeopleTileset-master\TILESETS\gfx\MSX++UnDeadPeopleEdition\tiles.png”: Couldn’t open ./gfx\UndeadPeopleTileset-master\TILESETS\gfx\MSX++UnDeadPeopleEdition\tiles.png

FUNCTION : bool main_menu::new_character_tab()
FILE : src/main_menu.cpp
LINE : 983
VERSION : f424b9c

to be fair, it’s very possible this is just problems caused by me trying to add a singular tile onto a single modded monster I have, but I don’t think that’s what’s going on.

Do you have the tiles.png file at the path mentioned in DEBUG message? Debug says it cannot open it. Not even parse it but simply open. If you dont, either get it or remove undead_people compatibility entries.

yeah, I have the required tilesets. I even made sure that I didn’t accidentally use old id’s for any of 'em. and it’s not specifically undeadpeople either, it throws this error of being unable to open the tiles.png file for ultica (even both versions of it!)