How to Build in LMOE shelter

It has probably been asked before but i cant find it. Is there anyway to construct things in an underground LMOE shelter??

It has not been asked before.

No, you can’t dig a hole and make a basement just yet.

You can however build a LMOE mobile base.

i mean. in an already built LMOE can how can i construct things like counters. it always says “cannot build here”

Did you try moving those already in place, and build in their place? It might work, not sure though.

it worked thanks it seems that where ever you move the furniture in the LMOE you can then build there. bug perhaps

You can only build on “floor” type squares. I don’t remember what the default LMOE floor type is but it isn’t floor. Just moving furniture around replaces whatever square you move it over with floors. Note that this will remove open doors from existence, forcing you to rebuild them.

Edit: Alternatively, building a roof on the square you want to build in also creates a floor tile if I remember properly.

It is indeed rock floor. Annoying that it isn’t buildable. Will add a issue about it.

try spraypainting the floor then building stuff on it, or using a jackhammer to open up some more space.

This has been addressed in git, you can now build furniture anywhere that is inside and empty (like open floor.) Thanks for bringing it up.