Construction Problems

Hello folks, me again with another question.

I am trying to construct some dressers (does it matter if I make dressers or book shelves? Does one hold more then the other?). I have all the materials and tools needed and select it in the build menu. It asks me to choose a direction to construct in and no matter what I select it says “You cannot build there”. What do I need to do in order to build in a spot? Is it because the cave Im in is dark and I require light?

The same thing happens when I try to cut down a trees. Thanks for your help.

Dressers and other furniture can only be built on floors, and the only trees you can cut down are the big (7) ones.

Ok, so I cant make dressers in caves at all or is there a way to make it become a floor able to support a dresser?

You should be able to build floors if you start from a corner. A floor requires two cardinally adjacent supports.

I dont see an option to build a floor.

I’ve run into a similar problem trying to build furniture in my Science Lab Lair. I’ve been able to deconstruct furniture and build new furniture in the exact same spot, but nowhere else. Does the science lab “floor” not count as a floor?

Only the regular blue floors count as floors.

[quote=“Siferous, post:5, topic:391”]I dont see an option to build a floor.[/quote]It’s listed as build roof I think.

Ok, I have to get to 3 construction to do that so Ill see if it works when I get there

That worked, thanks Darkling

[quote=“The Darkling Wolf, post:7, topic:391”]Only the regular blue floors count as floors.

Yeah, that whole floor/roof distinction can be tricky. :wink: