Can't build a bed underground

I’m not sure if this was a design decision or not, but I haven’t been able to build a makeshift bed underground. I’ve only tried to build one underground at the evac shelter (I did search for other places to build one underground, but I couldn’t find any underground places where I started!) but wasn’t able too, yet I could build one in the evac shelter above ground.

Any ideas?

Someone mentioned this on the IRC. The issue is the “rock floor” opposed to a regular indoor floor. I don’t think that is intended.

Underground is a general no-no anyway, it warps enemies from outside to inside.

Stairs warping enemies bugs me too, and it’s on my radar, then again I’m existing in a rather “target rich environment” right now >_<

Care to weigh in on this one TheDarklingWolf? The bed crafting is pretty much your thing, is this intended or an oversight?

It’s an oversight due to me changing basements from regular floors to stone floors. The same will happen if you try and build a bed in a laboratory, I’ll work something out for the next release, but it’s definitely not the intended behaviour. (Cots and rollmats work everywhere due to being traps, but the bed itself is an actual terrain tile, the reason it requires a floor is because when smashed it turns into a floor tile)

Like how fences used to?

That was less a bug and more me being lazy and copypasting everything.

Thanks for looking at this, I feel more protected downstairs, even though there isn’t really any reason too I guess…