Searching for hidden basements

Are hidden basement/rooms always in the same positions/poi’s or are they randomly generated?

Are they found under/behind random furniture, or do they always tend to be under particular pieces?

technically speaking, they’re always in the same position, because each generation of a building type has its own ‘blueprint’ so to speak, it cycles through several different types as its generated to not have every single building have the same layout, or even turns them 90/180 degrees.

as an example, every LMOE shelter is built in an almost-perfect square shape
(not my picture, grabbed off google)

some are hidden behind walls you can walk straight through, some are hidden inside the walls… if you notice that theres a piece of a place you cant get to even though there should be something there, try walking through the walls or moving furnature, or even break the wall down!

… there may also just be nothing there though.

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Wow, thanks for that. Now I’m gonna have to head back to all the LMOE shelters I’d “thought” I had cleared. :slight_smile:

Talking about hidden areas, the underground lab maps (one type, anyway) are stuffed full of secret areas you can only reach by walking through walls or teleporting. Not usually anything interesting in them, it’s just a bit weird.